Monday, May 29, 2006

Filling In The Gap

So.... (nothing like a classic start...feels good!) The Dr. says, "sorry, there's not much you can do." I leave his office thinking, "it must not be that bad, then." But here I am almost exactly one week from that diagnoses, feeling like things couldn't be worse. Don't you love sinus infections? Well, I don't. Believe it or not, we still managed to have some fun this week, but I was too sick to tell you all about it. But don't fret, I'm back and will trudge through, because afterall... you're worth it!
Tuesday was Camp P.A.T. (Parents as Teachers) Judah loved all the outdoor activities..indoors... well they do what they can.
Wednesday, was the end of the year party for Judah's school. They rented a moonwalk! Judah says to me, "Mommy, I'm SpongeBob," and then did this.

Your guess is as good as mine. He's recently become obsessed with Mr. Squarepants, or "Spungbob Scarepants." It was a nice last day for us all!

Thursday, I was desperate to kill time before nap time, and being sick I couldn't stand cleaning up yet another block or weeble mess. So, we went on one of our infamous speed trips to the zoo. We were there just long enough to make the clock spin around about once, and be back on our merry way to find the power of sleepiness overcoming Judah and favoring me.

Friday, Great Aunt Nancy and Uncle Reido stop by for some home cooking from their favorite nephew. Judah loves the opportunity to show off his culinary skills, so be prepared if you ever get here, because he doesn't take no for an answer.

Saturday we got the great pleasure of lovin' on our nephew, Landon, while his mommy and daddy took a much needed night off. My sister, Kari, entrusted her baby for his first overnighter with my parents, and we got to do the fun part. They got the 3am feedings and we just got to play with him.

Sunday mornings are always busy, especially on worship weeks. Judah has a small group of early risers that share in the "joy" of tagging along with mommy and daddy and eating their nutritious breakfasts out of ziplock bags!

Okay..... I think I've done it! I have mostly brought you up to speed. I owe you all much better and I know it. But today marks the first official day of our summer and I vow to bring you all sorts of great things. Just stay tuned!

Love to you ALL!

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  1. The credit goes as usual to "NeeNee" for the middle of the night feedings, but it was heaven having both the boys under our roof for the day.