Sunday, May 21, 2006

Popsicles can evoke many emotions. Judah experienced the whole gamut during our annual Fireworks BBQ on Saturday.

Here you have Wonder

Here you witness satisfaction

This one shows the outward reaction to cold

And finally, mind-blowing joy!

We had fun. The weather was perfect and the show was great. Judah enjoyed wrapping everyone up like a burrito, and Stephanie was very kind to continue to let him.

Once the sun was down, we enjoyed a great show.

"There's fires in the sky," said Judah


  1. Judah looks....

    well i hoped you liked the fire in the sky...

    we missed you at Brandon's graduation Party...
    it is okay... we still had fun with out you

  2. Oh, how me missed you guys! I wish we could have been there! Looks like you all had a blast!

  3. Makes me sad to know we could have been there. I'm glad you had fun.

  4. Thanks for the "bottom" shot Lacy!