Sunday, September 30, 2007

Party Like It's Your Birthday

So, I turned the big 2-6 this month. It has been a long series of celebrations and I'm so blessed to have so many gifts, friends, family members, and opportunities to celebrate with.
Many of the following events were all great celebrations in the past week. However, the greatest marking of festivities came when Judah got the dancing fever in the store. The kid's moves brought tears to my eyes!

Dave and Rachel had us out to Rachel's parent's house Saturday night for a bonfire and weenie roast. Jeff and Kay treated us like royalty! From taking the kids on tractor rides to get treats and pumpkins, to keeping the fire going for s'mores, they out did themselves.
We had a great time!

Saturday morning, I ran my first 5K as a 26 year old and rose to my Dad's challenge. He declared we needed break 23 minutes. I ran my heart out (and nearly my guts too) and took nearly a minute off my previous time, coming in at 22 minutes. My Dad was right behind me and we both accomplished the goal of a sub 23 minute 5K (3.1 miles). I was so excited to see my name listed as the third place finisher in my age group.
I was honored to be a part of the Race for the Cure. It's powerful morning seeing all the survivors and those running in memory of their loved ones.

Judah got in on it too. He ran his little heart out in celebration of his beloved Great Great Aunt Faye.

The previous weekend Maria and Jamie hosted a mass birthday celebration for me, Wendy, Rachel, and Stephanie. We had a great time and the night was topped off with the biggest contest of apple bobbing! All the kids and most of the adults got in on the action, it was so great. It was awesome to celebrate with all my friends!

Prior to the party, I honored my turning 26 by running half my age. The Wichita Half Marathon took place Sunday September, 23. It was a fun warm up for next months full marathon. I wanted to break two hours. Side stitch and all I finished in 1:53. I was so happy to see my parents, Kenton and Judah, and my friends at the finish line. All the efforts to be out there and support me were one of the greatest gifts ever.

I have a lot to be grateful for this year. I've had a ton of great experiences during my birthday season. I just celebrated another time today and I'm humbled by all the love I have been shown.
Party on my friends, Party on!

Monday, September 17, 2007

My Happy Things

Every night before bed we take turns sharing our "Happy Thing" and "Sad Thing" of the day. It's been a great way for us to end our nights and share in the ups and downs of each other's day. Most days it's pretty similar, Judah's Happy Thing tends to consist of how much chocolate milk he received during the day or how many times we played Candy Land. His Sad Thing tends to lean towards the fact that he lost something due to disobeying or if he had to receive discipline. His answers are usually predictable and understandable. I usually boast of the fun thing Judah and I managed to do or a completion of a run. I tend to be sad about the act that causes Judah's Sad Things. Kenton is usually stoked about a sell during work and bummed over the loss of a lead. Never the less it's a good thing for all three of to discuss every night.

The last few days have provided such large "Happy Things" for me, I wanted to share them.

My biggest happy moment as of late took place on Saturday. Many of us participated in the Just About Kids Organization's 5K. One participant in particular made the top of my happy list.

To my surprise, Wendy was there and had a bib number pinned on her shirt! I was speechlessly overjoyed to see her. Her beautiful smile graced her face as she ran the last bend into the finisher's chute, my heart was full of praise. I was so thankful that the Lord has brought her back to a place where she could run again.

I'm eagerly awaiting the day that my favorite runner will be running by my side again. I'll be patient, but as we slowly jogged the one mile to watch after Maddy, it was like old times keeping in stride and chatting away.

This was my very very Happiest Thing!

It's so good to have her "back."

One of my other Happy Things was watching Judah cruise on his "Green Bike." He's been getting better and better at this every time and as I walked all over the neighborhood on Monday as he rode, I was so pleased to be watching him transform into a big boy. This bike is so special too. My Grandpa picked this and another bike up at a garage sale when Judah was just about 18 months old. Knowing it would be years before he could ride them, my Grandpa still wanted to get them for Judah. When my Grandpa called about the bikes, it strangely was the last time I got to talk to my Grandpa. He suddenly died later that week. So, as you can see it's bittersweet to watch Judah ride on the big boy bike his Great Grandpa got him.

And finally, one of the last big happy things of the week was about... running. (How'd you guess?)

Like I said we all ran the 5k on Saturday. While Wendy's performance was the best part of the whole day, I have to throw in I was very pleased with the results of the hard push during my own personal run. My Dad and I pulled and pushed each other through the course to cross the line right at 23 minutes. This was a personal best for me and a good enough time to claim 1st in my age group.

I managed a 2nd place last year and it was good to come back and perform even better. It's great to know that these rigorous 50 mile training weeks are starting to pay off here and there!

So, I proudly ran in the pouring rain to receive my plaque. But after that I was ready to get my freezing cold self into the car. Kansas weather is so random. Below 50 and raining one day and pumped up to 90+ the next. Awe..gotta love it! Or Not!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Breckenridge: Then and Now

As many of you know we just got home from yet another trip to Colorado. This time our destination was Breckenridge, or "Brecken Bridge," if you're Judah. Kenton's extended family travels out to this scenic getaway nearly every Labor Day for a family reunion of sorts. We hadn't been out since Judah was about 11 months old. As I was loading the pictures I came across the old pictures from 2004. It was a trip to see how different everyone looks. Judah didn't even recognize me in the pictures. So I bring you, Breckenridge Past and Present.

Judah enjoyed the lifts much more this time, or at least he managed not to dose off on the "sky ride" up the mountain.
In the past we drove or rode up the mountain to see the sights. In 2004 there was a lot of snow on the tops already.

This year we ran on the mountain to see the sights.

2007 Breck Crest 5 Mile Trail run.
It was a challenge and the rocky terrain got the best of me, my shirt, and my iPod! Gotta watch those paths! Being flatlanders, we were humbled by both receiving second place medals in the event.

Past or present, the silly hat store always proves to be a great time!

Then comes the alpine slides. Last time we had to take turns, because they didn't allow babies to ride. But this year Judah was pumped to zoom down the mountain. I loved that he liked riding with me the best. Even as we nearly crashed and he screamed in excitement, "We're gonna die!"

With all sorts of fun things and family, Judah always has had a blast in Breckenbridge!

Can't wait to go back next year!