Thursday, September 06, 2007

Breckenridge: Then and Now

As many of you know we just got home from yet another trip to Colorado. This time our destination was Breckenridge, or "Brecken Bridge," if you're Judah. Kenton's extended family travels out to this scenic getaway nearly every Labor Day for a family reunion of sorts. We hadn't been out since Judah was about 11 months old. As I was loading the pictures I came across the old pictures from 2004. It was a trip to see how different everyone looks. Judah didn't even recognize me in the pictures. So I bring you, Breckenridge Past and Present.

Judah enjoyed the lifts much more this time, or at least he managed not to dose off on the "sky ride" up the mountain.
In the past we drove or rode up the mountain to see the sights. In 2004 there was a lot of snow on the tops already.

This year we ran on the mountain to see the sights.

2007 Breck Crest 5 Mile Trail run.
It was a challenge and the rocky terrain got the best of me, my shirt, and my iPod! Gotta watch those paths! Being flatlanders, we were humbled by both receiving second place medals in the event.

Past or present, the silly hat store always proves to be a great time!

Then comes the alpine slides. Last time we had to take turns, because they didn't allow babies to ride. But this year Judah was pumped to zoom down the mountain. I loved that he liked riding with me the best. Even as we nearly crashed and he screamed in excitement, "We're gonna die!"

With all sorts of fun things and family, Judah always has had a blast in Breckenbridge!

Can't wait to go back next year!

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  1. I laughed out loud at Judah's comment and then had to share with my co-workers who were wondering what was so funny.