Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Philippians 1:3

"I thank my God every time I remember you." Philippians 1:3

This was Judah's memory verse this month in Sunday school. He got it memorized real fast and would speed through it every time we'd quiz him. Finally, we asked him to slow down and say it to where we could all understand it.

It finally sunk in with me too. I have so many things to be thankful for. So many people that make my life rich and full. 
However, few really come close to the amazing thankfulness I have for my little boy.

He had to have surgery this month. Nothing major but surgery none the less. I played very brave for him all morning as we prepared to leave for the surgery center. As I read over the doctor's instructions I saw he couldn't have any type of jewelery or bracelet on. I wanted to give him something special so I grabbed the Sharpie and finally got to give him a reminder on his arm.
I love him most

He writes me notes on my arm to help me remember him during races. I wanted to help him remember me during his feat. He always says, "I love you Mommy!" I always say back, "I love you too." Then he says, "I love you more." I've always said, "Okay." Even when he was smaller he would ask, "Why do you always do that? You're supposed to play along."
The morning of his surgery I smiled and told him, "I actually love you most, not more."

"go go go <3 JOH"

He wrote me an arm full in October for the marathon. The nurses liked his note and our tradition. They said they'd never seen anyone do that before.
As he walked bravely back into the care of mere strangers I sat in the waiting room and cried on Kenton's shoulders.

Not soon enough they called us back and we could finally see our little boy. He wanted to sit on Daddy's lap (he later told me he didn't want to hurt me, that's why he asked for Daddy).
He drank a juice box and finally we were able to go home for recovery.
My favorites
As we sat around as a family of three this past Thanksgiving weekend, eating turkey tacos, we all went around sharing what we were most thankful for.
Did my sweet angel say his loving mother who would walk through fire for him? Heck no!
"Angry Birds, Gravity, the Wii, and Netflix."
No bother, I have to thank my God every time I remember him!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


It's been a full few weeks. But as it's slowing down a hair, it's awesome to look back and see how all the busyness has been mostly fun.
I've had some great opportunity to bond with my community this past month.
As a runner, a community is what really makes the sport worthwhile. When it's cold and you know the group is waiting on you, you've got the motivation to get out the door.
When you're a little burnt out and you know others are expecting you, the conversation during the run normally makes all the other feelings fade.
When the run is getting so hard you don't know if you can continue, it's the community that holds you up and carries you across the finish line.

Not all of us, but some of the community post marathon/pre-spring roll dinner!

I would have thrown in the towel long ago if I hadn't found a group to bond with. This past month I've had a special chance to do even more of that than usual.

One of my community members, Katie, trained all summer long with us. She dropped off Gatorade and water at our mile 6 every Saturday morning. She decided to run the Chicago Marathon on 10-10-10 with her Dad instead of staying town to run The Prairie Fire. We all eagerly awaited her results as we knew she'd be amazing in Chi Town.  As luck would have it, she got very sick in Chicago on Saturday and wasn't able to run Sunday morning.
She was crushed, understandably. As an attempt to not waste all that training she signed up for the Kansas City Marathon the following Saturday. Her Dad was going to run the half, but that still left her all alone for over 18 miles of the race.
My heart leaped at the opportunity to help my new friend. As all things just worked out, I found myself flying down the turnpike at 5AM that Saturday morning with Kenton and Judah. Kenton's the best. He willing got us all out of bed and drove us up to KC in record time. I was at mile 13 with plenty of time to spare.
Watching the Front Runners at mile 13 of the KC Marathon

I was able to jump in and begin running with Katie with ease. However, before we hit mile 14 Katie realized she wasn't feeling as good as she hoped. She quickly changed her goal from a strong time to "just finishing."
Meeting Katie for the last half

Many pace groups passed us as we took on all the unforgiving hills of KC. When I got in we were ahead of the 3:10 pace group. In the last two miles the 3:40 pace group passed us.
The last .2 miles of the KC Marathon
Katie struggled like she never had before. We had to stop and stretch, stop and walk, and even just stop a few times. I felt so bad for her. I was digging deep trying to be helpful, I don't know if I was. I tried to just talk and not ask questions. I also told her to tell me to shut up if I was getting on her nerves.
By mile 24.5 Katie knew we were almost done and somehow she found her stride once more. She didn't walk through aid stations, she didn't slow her pace. She charged through to the finish like a champion.
The first time I heard about Katie was when she jumped in the race in OKC to help one of my friends. She hadn't planned on it, but when she noticed Stacey, my friend, struggling, she got in to carry her in from mile 20 to the finish.
I got the chance to be friends with this girl. So when I had an opportunity to help her out, I jumped at it. Because I know that she would have done the same for me.

This week another friend admitted he had the post-marathon blues. I jumped at the chance to bust his and my impending rut by finding some fun races. As chance would have it, a Monster Bash 5K was taking place in a few days. We agreed that the best way to have fun with this one was to dress up per recommendation.
Batman and Batgirl

Preparing for my first caped run

Finishing the Monster Bask 5k

It was last minute, but there were some easy Batman costumes to be found. Long story short, I had the most fun run as a super duo. I had already run 10 miles that morning and was just going to "have fun" with the 5K. But I also don't know how to slow down once a gun goes off. Nick was feeling much fresher than I and had way too much fun flying with his cape and turning to the runners we'd pass saying, "I'm Batman." His side kick Bat Girl wasn't as talkative, but held on to finish side by side.
 We totally whipped Pac Man and in the last half mile was got Fred Flintstone too!
So it was all for fun and we had on capes that's why we didn't PR....yeah that's it. However, we were the 5th and 6th finishers over all and I was the 2nd female. Our time was 20:33....not too bad really.

It was the most fun I've had in 5k and Nick later said he was glad he got out there to run after almost a week without it.

We've had so much non-running community this month too. It's good to do life together with others.
Judah's 'Magnificent 7' Cowboy Birthday Party

Family, friends, ponies, weenies, s'mores...Yee-Haw!

Navigating corn maze with friends

My Mom dressed up as, "Lacy Hansen"
As a shy homebody, it's been invaluable to embrace a community. I wouldn't make through without the support and love of my friends and family. While I may be on an upswing, I'll have my down times and they'll do their part to pull me through.

Oh it goes without saying, these two are the best community ever. They're always behind the camera, cheering, and following me along. They were spotted by many at the Prairie Fire as they zoomed around to support me on their bike. 
I'm nothing without my boys.
My support team and their sag wagon

Oh and finally, speaking of community, HOW FUNNY WAS THE HALLOWEEN EPISODE OF NBC'S COMMUNITY??!!