Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"That's Too Bad!"

Judah was so very right. That very grown up phrase came out of his mouth Friday morning when all hope was dashed of us making it out to Colorado Springs. The weather on Thursday night and Friday morning was not favorable for flying. So we were grounded (something I never had much experience with, just the one time I rode around the block without permission and my sister ratted me out... but this was a little different).
Needless to say we were bummed that this trip was sacked and it'll be even more weeks before I can actually see the faces of the wonderful Ross family. I haven't seen Jennette since the Sunday before they moved and she loaded my arms with jars of peanut butter and we hugged goodbye. Now, I'm without her and all that peanut butter! It's been too long. We'll just have to plan another trip and get there despite the weather.
It will have to be a fall vacation because as far as I can see, summer's over. Kids are in school, the temperature has lowered, and the pools are closed. It's amazing how quick it goes. We had a good summer and I thought I'd just post some pictures of the highlights.
Goodbye Summer 2006, it was fun while it lasted!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Run, Run, As Fast As You Can!

So, I guess the theme here is getting a little old, but bear with me there were some surprises to this one. Today was the Mulvane 25th Annual Old Settlers Day Road Race. Kenton spread the word about the one mile fun run and got some unlikely joiners. Team Hammerhead may have some new members after today.
At about 6:05 this morning I opened our front door to see two car loads of people waiting on us to follow us down to Mulvane. The Marshall's and The Berryman's joined up to give this "running thing" a go.
And a go we did.

Here you have the One Mile Crew. (From left to right): Jedidiah, Kenton, Duane, Jamie, Maria, Payge, and Paul.

And here you have the faithful cheering section.

The one mile began promptly at 7:30. With the sound of the starting gun the crew was off and before you knew it they were back. Jedidiah led the pack so quickly that I didn't even see him until he came up behind me after his 7min.30sec. finish. (Which is awesome!).

Next up was Kenton in at 8:05

Closely following was Duane.

Next up was Maria and her red shoes!

Paul rounded the corner with a smile, so that's always a good sign!

Mama Jamie and Daughter Payge brought up the rear

They all did a great job. A few notes to encourage them. Duane and Maria haven't run in over a year and Maria just had her third baby in February! Paul and Jamie have never really run AND they just quit smoking two weeks ago! Kenton and I couldn't have been more proud of all of them! Jed ran like the wind and Payge kept up with the adults!

After they all came in and cooled down, I started wishing I had just done the one mile with them so I could be done too. But I was crazy enough to sign up for the four mile and it was time to go line up.

Everyone started asking, "Where's your Dad?" "Kenton is you father in law running today?"

Yeah something was missing. Team Captain and the official photographer (otherwise known as my Dad and Mom) couldn't make it today. So For the first time I lined up alone, picked my "Run for Him" play list, and waited for the gun. With the bang I was off, thinking to myself, "Why am I doing this?" Too late now, just set your pace and get it over with. I learned quickly that if I can listen to worship music I can zone out and just run as unto Jesus.

Well, after several corners, two spraying fire hydrants, one aid station, lots of waves from the locals, continuous mini pep talks 'come on you can do this' and one last corner it was almost over. I could see the finish line and now a man in a blue shirt was running towards me. It was Duane. He was yelling, and cheering and waving his arms like a loon just to give me that last push I needed.

I passed my wonderful friends and family and crossed that dang line.

It took me about one more second to finish, causing that clock to say 36:40. With that, I just completed four miles for the first time in my life. I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't proud.

I drank some water and before we knew it we were all off on our separate ways. I called my parents and let them know I made it.

Kenton's words rang in my head all the way home. "Do you see what you started?" Now maybe I didn't "start" it, but I'm so glad I got the wild hair to go run one cool morning in June. As a result I've grown closer to my Dad, started a new lifestyle to pass on to our son, found something to share with my husband, and I got to watch four of our greatest friends push themselves into a healthier life! Love you all and can't wait for the next one!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

2006 Salty Dog Triathlon..... check!

400 Meter Swim

10.7 Mile Ride

3.1 Mile Run


Total Time


Sunday, August 06, 2006

What are we doing?

We are constantly asking ourselves this question everyday. A lot of new things are happening around the Hansen house. Things that no one thought would ever take place. For starters, the whole family climbed to an elevation of 2,800 feet above sea level last weekend. Our dear friend UJ gave a us a ride to see the sights of the city.
Everyone enjoyed the ride, well, nearly everyone.
I'm terrified of flying for starters, the plane is very "cozy"
and it was a horribly hot day. So when adding all those variables together you get a sweaty, nervous, and slightly queasy Lacy.
UJ was an amazing pilot and at the first hint of my discomfort he headed right back to the airport.
We are planning another trip with him in a few weeks. He is flying us out to Colorado Springs to see the Ross'.
I'd be a big fat liar if I said I wasn't nervous about this much longer flight. But I'd be a loser if I didn't take it. So, here we are getting ready to take a three hour trek across western Kansas in a small Cessna plane. Time for me to stop saying I trust Jesus, and actually do it.

We're gonna have a great time and I can't wait to see the Ross'. I get teary eyed just thinking about seeing them again. So, there's no way I'm gonna let a little turbulence keep me from them.

So, As I came to terms with the fact that I was taking steps to conquer my greatest fear, I was feeling like anything else was possible. What do you do with that feeling? Lots of things..... but around here you sign up to be a relay team in a triathlon. And once again, I ask, "What are we doing?" Well, you heard it right. After commenting that all this physical activity felt like a whack to the head with a hammer, me, Kenton and my Dad created the "Hammerhead Racing Team" and signed up for the Salty Dog Triathlon. Kenton drew the short straw and has to swim the 400 meter swim, my Dad's going to get his bike down off the garage wall and spin for 10 miles, and I'm gonna finish it off with a 3 mile run.

What are we doing? I'll ask it again. Sometimes I think we've lost our minds. The nerves are starting to tweak for us and we're getting very excited. Kenton's gotten faster and more efficient everyday, I hit three miles yesterday at a time of 26:29, and my Dad's a veteran at all this and keeps rockin' in his spin class every week.

We should definitely finish before the 73 year old that signed up right before us.... i hope.

Well, if your calendar's open, we'll be starting at 7:30 AM this Saturday (the 12th). It's in Hutchinson at Carey Park. Kenton starts us off at Salt City Splash. If you're feeling really supportive you can get a t-shirt at this link.

Once you get the shirt, you're in. You can run, bike, swim, skip, yo-yo, hula hoop, do the hokie pokie, or ice dance, with us as a fellow Hammerhead.

Wish us luck! Hope to see you.