Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"That's Too Bad!"

Judah was so very right. That very grown up phrase came out of his mouth Friday morning when all hope was dashed of us making it out to Colorado Springs. The weather on Thursday night and Friday morning was not favorable for flying. So we were grounded (something I never had much experience with, just the one time I rode around the block without permission and my sister ratted me out... but this was a little different).
Needless to say we were bummed that this trip was sacked and it'll be even more weeks before I can actually see the faces of the wonderful Ross family. I haven't seen Jennette since the Sunday before they moved and she loaded my arms with jars of peanut butter and we hugged goodbye. Now, I'm without her and all that peanut butter! It's been too long. We'll just have to plan another trip and get there despite the weather.
It will have to be a fall vacation because as far as I can see, summer's over. Kids are in school, the temperature has lowered, and the pools are closed. It's amazing how quick it goes. We had a good summer and I thought I'd just post some pictures of the highlights.
Goodbye Summer 2006, it was fun while it lasted!


  1. Come out, come out, come out!!! Will you please come with UJ at the end of September? Stephanie said you don't need to be at the festival thingy, their gonna do it all again in a month anyway:) Do I sound like I am whining and begging? Good, cause I am. Anyway, plan a trip sometime, set it in stone, write it in get the picture. Fall is nice here, too.

  2. Um...we could probably send you some peanut butter if you want. Sheesh...

  3. Finally a post about what you really were planning for that weekend! A ploy to make us all think you were really leaving town!

  4. Jennette finally gets to see some pictures of Judah again. With all the running she mentioned that she missed all the pics of Judah.

    By the way Lacy, does it take a while for you to load all those pics? It takes me forever for each pic.

  5. I did tell Jennette that you guys don't have to be at the Anniversay Celebration at the end of Sept. We will have the Fall Fest later in October. They are two different things though. We were going to do a fun raiser thing at the anniversary celebration but you could probably talk to James about it all. Don't get me in trouble please;)

  6. Kenton, you should really get off that pony and walk with it, you might give it a herniated disc! Love ya, Duane