Monday, March 22, 2010

Muscle Flashbacks

Oh yeah, that's what it feels like to run 24 miles! My legs were having violent flashbacks yesterday afternoon.
The decision to wait one day was right on. I met the group at 7 AM. It was very cold, but it was clear and almost all the ice and snow had melted off the streets. There was a strong north wind, but we were able to have it at our backs over half of the run.
The only crucial flaw I made yesterday was forgetting about the lack of water that would be available on the course.
We're spoiled runners out here in east Wichita. If you run the "Wichita Marathon Training Route" on a Saturday you can plan for a kind soul to place cups and a water jug on his porch at mile 5.5. With a fire station at 3.5, his house, and then a "dropped" aid station at 10. We're normally set. Since it was Sunday, there was no water at 5 1/2 and we had to take a Gu without water to wash it down. That did not set well for me. I sucked down a cold, thick Gu and ran another 4.5 miles until I could get some water. I had this brick in my gut really making me uncomfortable for several miles.
I had to make an unscheduled pit stop at a QT around mile 13 or so. After that the rest of the run was jut about keeping a pace and finishing strong.

Because my training called for a 24 miler, I had to keep going when we reached the "finish." I talked to myself about just calling it at 21 miles, but I knew I wouldn't be able to live with that. I gave a quick high five to my partner, said my goodbyes and pushed on for three more miles.
I finished right at my driveway and gladly headed indoors. Learning from my previous mistake, I went straight for the fridge and grabbed a PowerAde ZERO and then filled my Camelbak 32 oz. water bottle. I proceeded to suck those down.
Things went much much better this time.
My cheering squad returned from church just a little bit later and I received a picture from Judah. He drew this while I was out running.

I stood in the hallway and talked the run over with Kenton while he went all "parental" on me making sure I had started refueling properly. He did all this of course while snapping a picture, because he found my pathetic appearance comical.
After I saw this picture, I could see the comedy in it all. I later regained the color in my face.

If you had asked me how it was going at mile 23, I would have probably cried. But after the fact, I think it went pretty good. I held a good pace in not so perfect conditions and finished strong.

My biggest complaint this week is the new blister I've acquired. I bandage it up before every run, but it's still getting pretty gnarly, especially after 24 miles. It's from the new shoes. I got a narrow pair to correct the issue I was having with my left foot. However, looks like my right foot was happier in the regular shoe. Ah, sheesh! What am I going to do?

*Pretty, isn't it?*

I was extra good and even fought through the pain and stretched before I hosed off. I've been fortunate enough to see a massage therapist once a week since February and she's been teaching me some new stretches. Most require help and thankfully Kenton was there to help my sore body out.
*My foot was not smelling like a rose by that point, if that's not love, I don't know what is*

I soaked up all the hot water our heater could dish out and then Kenton said I could pick where we went for lunch. Since Tsunami is closed on Sunday's, the next best place is Saigon! I had fresh chicken spring rolls and #50. Their menu has like 100+ items and all can be ordered by number. Since most items are in Vietnamese, that's how we often order. #50 is a Bun. A bun is a rice noodle dish. I get the one with chicken and vegetables. We go there so often the waitresses bring us spring rolls before they even come to take the rest of our order. The owner always gives Judah money to buy toys from the coin machines. It's such a great place. The owner took our picture this past week on St. Patrick's Day. We were there to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Kenton and I meeting. Our first official date was at Saigon too. So, Saigon is always a fitting place to enjoy a great meal to celebrate any and all occasions. Anniversaries, birthdays, or long runs!
*Meeting on March 17, 2000 always makes us feel 'lucky' to have each other*

I woke this morning with the usual soreness with a little extra from the blister. I got the kinks out as I took Judah to school. I run from the school so I don't waste anytime piddling around back at home. I took off thinking 3 was my max, but I managed to gut out a few painful miles and felt good enough to go for 6.
So back to the grindstone this week. Running my miles and makeshift hills to prepare for "Heartbreak Hill" in exactly 4 weeks!
*Some of the best hills Wichita can offer*

Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 20, 2010 First Day of Spring

Yesterday at 1 PM I was outdoors at a park with Judah. No coats, sunglasses, and surrounded by all the droves of park goers. This morning we wake to this.

It's below freezing and the wind is howling. I am not a light weight. I have run in the crap all season. I was supposed to run my 24 miler today. I am not. Tomorrow the sun is supposed to shine and it's forecasted to be much warmer. It was not hard to suggest a 24 hour delay on our run to the group. So, 7 am tomorrow I will take on the last "long" run of my training for the 2010 Boston Marathon. Rain, snow, or shine!

I received my Bib number this week. I am number 8481. With a simple text to the number above, I can be tracked via text message on Race Day, 4 weeks and one day from today!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Everybody Gets Knocked Down"

It's getting so close. Boston is 5 weeks and 1 day away. I wish I could say I was over the moon with excitement, but I'm not. I'm so emotional. But I still feel good and confident. All these jitters are just nerves. Race day is going to come and I plan to have a great attitude.
Last week's 22 miler taught me a great lesson. I must respect the distance. I finished the 22 miles in a great mood, and pretty decent time. I came in the house got busy and before I knew it an hour had gone by and I hadn't even had a sip of water. No food, no sports drink, nothing. I got up and realized I felt weird and before I knew it I was in the fetal position with chills and cramps.
Stupid, stupid rookie mistake. After 2 days of nausea and headaches, I nursed myself back from the dehydrated dead and learned a great lesson. Never Again will I be so foolish!

Made me recall my first high altitude race back in June 2007, I got acquainted with the need for electrolyte replacement that day!

My fridge it stocked with PowerAde ZERO and Smart Water. These have become my electrolyte replacement drinks of choice.

In other annoying news, my "lucky shorts" may have met their end. My darling little boy left 4 crayons in his pants pockets this week. They rode through the washer and then reeked havoc in the dryer. An entire load was rainbow speckled. I've Googled every method to removed the mess. I spent $20 on stain removers. Things look better, but my black Nike "Fit Dri" shorts still have some multi-colored accents along the white stripes.
I never thought of them as my "lucky shorts" before. I just realized that in my 4 Marathons, I have worn the same shorts. Kinda seems weird to think of wearing another pair in Boston. Crayola says spot treatment with WD-40 should do the trick on the remaining stains, we shall see.

I really hope I can get the stains out. Shoot, maybe I'll just wear them anyway. It'll be like a great little reminder of my little man during the race.

I haven't read it yet, but I know this month's Runners World has an article about balancing motherhood and running. This week's laundry episode really made me take a look at how tricky that balance can be, and we only have one little monkey running around.
I did get a kick out of calling him one Friday as he stayed the night with his NeeNee and Mr. Randy. I had the 22 miler in the morning and was starting at 5:55 AM. So I phoned him at 8:30 to tell him goodnight. Not because He was going to bed, but because I had to go to bed. I never saw that one coming when this little running adventure began back in 2006!

I hope I'm balancing it right. Preferably adding more weight to his side of the scale, because He's my muse in the first place. He asked if he could go with me on Friday when I headed for the door. Oh, how I dream of the day when that's realistic!!
So, this has been such an emotional and physical roller coaster. Training for Boston that is. I have had days where I've had to drag myself out of bed and days where I've had to force myself to stop because I wanted to run all day. Days where the motivation was overflowing and days where I had to dig real deep to remember why I voluntarily do this to myself.
This got me ignited recently. I bought the song today and decreased my "rest day" run by 2 minutes just by cranking this song.
Sports aside, sometimes we all need to remember to get back up and give 'em hell!

3/6 22 miles
3/7 3 miles
3/8 45 minute spin class, 3 miles elliptical, 2 mile run
3/9 11 miles, weights
3/10 10 miles
3/11 6 miles
3/12 5 miles, 45 minute spin class, weights
3/13 14 miles
3/14 3 miles

Friday, March 05, 2010

Ramblings of a Sleepy Sappy Runner

As Boston is getting closer I've found myself on an emotional roller coaster. From tears of excitement to worries to even total indifference, my feelings have been all over the charts.
I keep thinking of the movie, Groundhog Day.
I wake every morning trying to chase down that perfect day I had. Well, Ive had more than one good day, but I'd like them all to "feel" just right. But as the chips fall as they may, I must accept my limited control over my feelings, and just tell the stupid ones to shut up.

I've been running really well, finally. I've visited Nancy Bowers, a great massage therapist twice now. The experience has been intense. Even though there's candles, dim lights, and soft music, she's still really aggressive about getting my muscles "worked." A few techniques caused me to clinch my fist and bite my tongue. She's also a Boston Marathoner, so I feel very comfortable in her care. And after a few sessions, I felt like a brand new runner again. It's a total gift from God that I've been able to receive her therapy.

The weather has finally taken a turn for the better. A new record was noted this week in Wichita. It got over 60 degrees for the first time since November 28th. The news said that this is the longest recorded streak of such low temperatures. But the sun's been out and I've found that my habit of gloves and stocking cap have been too warm some days. That's such good news.

As we get closer, Judah is getting so excited. He talks about getting ice cream, seeing his friends and cousin, and flying all the time. His teacher showed me his journal from last month, he has more than one entry about Boston.

I plotted my jog course for the day before the marathon this week too. Looks like I'll cross the finish line the day before the race too. My Dad and I signed up for the BAA 5K ( this week. I'll comfortably jog the race through a historic course to get my sea legs ready for the big day. Part of me wondered if I'll be sad to cross the line before the 19th, like maybe it'll water down the real deal. Doubt it, plus when am I going to get a chance to do it again?

Seems like things are going pretty smoothly. My body seems to be feeling pretty good. My narrow shoes are working wonders on my foot. I just pray every day for safety and good health. My God has been so faithful, I'm overwhelmed.

2/20 16 miles
2/21 3 miles
2/22 6 miles + weights
2/23 10 miles
2/24 45 minute spin class + 5 miles on elliptical
2/25 10 miles
2/26 8 miles + weights
2/27 20 miles
2/28 3 miles
3/1 10 miles
3/2 6 miles + weights
3/3 10 miles
3/4 6 miles
3/5 8 miles + weights

Gotta get to bed.... 22 miler in the morning.