Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Show and Tell

Today Judah has to take something for show and tell that starts with the same letter as his name starts with.
We searched his room and found a tiny plastic jaguar, a small plane that we were going to call a jet, a set of jingle bells, and a plush captain JACK.
None of these were really great options for show and tell. Then he thought of Jon and Jed. I thought that was awesome. Knowing they have school, we couldn't really bring them.
So, for show and tell Judah is taking a poster full of pictures of him with his uncles, Jon and Jed. From the day he was born in the hospital all the way down to their water balloon fight this summer at Jed's party.

If I had a little nephew and he took "me" for show and tell, I'd be so honored. I hope they enjoy it!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Say What?!

Judah's been having some trouble respecting the authority he's been placed under at school. He's a lovely boy, with a challenging spirit.
As he was talking on the phone to his Daddy and explaining what had happened, Kenton reminded him that no matter what he has to respect his teachers. Then Judah chimes in,

"I know, it's just like it's a door that I can't get through, like it's locked and the key has been caught on fire, it's that hard."

In those moments I have to fight like mad not to laugh and remain serious. He's a four year old going on 40.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ode To My Ramus

I ran my first "Post Broken Ramus" 5K on Saturday. I could make a million excuses (my feet still hurt from Pikes Peak, I haven't been speed training, I didn't like what I was wearing, my headphones were falling off, etc.) about why it wasn't my best run ever, but I won't...well anymore.

I pushed it and gave it a lot...maybe not my all. My faithful companion, Garmin, told me that I ran it in 22:49, but the children at the finish line clocked me at 23:03. I like the timer with the GPS better.
Never the less, I left with a 3rd Place plaque and was happy to be a runner again.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Fair Day

It was rainy and wet but we made the best of it.

Petting zoos, homegrown ice cream, blue ribbon animals, blue ribbon dresses made of duct tape, talking robots, 652.7 lbs. pumpkins, turkey legs, sweet potato fries, Micheal Phelps likeness in a melon, Yoda the scarecrow, combines, butter sculpture, carnival games, goldfish prizes, pig races, and so much more.
We had a great day!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Our WILDCAT Weekend

Judah's Great Aunt Nancy treated us to a deluxe weekend in her new hometown, "Purple Town."
We rolled into Manhattan Friday evening and were quickly adorned with proper Manhattan uniforms. With our proper attire, we joined several other wildcat fans at a Friday night pep rally to kick off the football season. It was a huge crowd that included fans, cheerleaders, marching bands, coaches, and the star of the show, Willie Wildcat.

Nancy spoiled the pants off all of us, Judah especially, and treated us to a wonderful afternoon of food and fun. Judah's Great Uncle George and Aunt Kathy joined us too. They drove in from their trip to Lawrence. They were visiting, "that girl that Grandpa knows who plays with me," says Judah. She's otherwise known as Ali, their daughter or Kenton's cousin. Ali joined us for lunch and several hours of the 'Ninja Warrior' marathon Saturday afternoon.

Close to game time, we followed Nancy into Aggieville and caught the shuttle bus to the stadium.

Judah was bursting with excitement. Once inside the stadium Aunt Nancy spoiled him and us all with premium priced stadium drinks and food.

Our tickets weren't all together, so we all parted ways for a bit as the game started. Eventually the crowd spread out due to the overwhelming win KSU was pulling off.
We all ended up near Nancy's seats and had a great time.
Judah's new hero, Willie, even visited our seats. Willie plucked Judah out of the stands and the two of them ended up on the jumbo-tron together.

We all had a great time. We finished our weekend with a little rest, lots of special Hansen recipes, some of the best local flavors, and a lot of great time together.

Sunday afternoon we had to pull out of town. At one point we had 8 Hansen's under one roof. It was so much fun.