Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Show and Tell

Today Judah has to take something for show and tell that starts with the same letter as his name starts with.
We searched his room and found a tiny plastic jaguar, a small plane that we were going to call a jet, a set of jingle bells, and a plush captain JACK.
None of these were really great options for show and tell. Then he thought of Jon and Jed. I thought that was awesome. Knowing they have school, we couldn't really bring them.
So, for show and tell Judah is taking a poster full of pictures of him with his uncles, Jon and Jed. From the day he was born in the hospital all the way down to their water balloon fight this summer at Jed's party.

If I had a little nephew and he took "me" for show and tell, I'd be so honored. I hope they enjoy it!

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  1. Hannah Garrison5:46 PM CDT

    Lacy I would like a poster size picture of the one Judah is in:)