Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Month of Judah

Judah's Auntie Linz used to declare her birthday as "The Day of Lindsay." Then it grew to "The Week," and eventually "The Month of Lindsay."
I think Judah adopted that mentality as well!

I present the long awaited:

Cox Farm.
Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch.
The three of us wandered through the corn one Saturday night. I was aMAZED at Kenton's navigation skills. I was sure we were lost and going to have to become citizen's of the corn children! But he knew right where we were the whole time, what a Renaissance man!
GG Mom treated Judah and his cousin (all of us too) to a great day at the Patch the next weekend.
It was a memory we won't soon forget.

Birthday extravaganza!!!!
The presents started arriving in the mail! The big day couldn't get here soon enough!

PUMP IT UP!!!!! Was a blast for all. Check out sweaty Kenton, He was an inflatable force to be reckoned with!!! He was ruthless. I had just finished the marathon and was lucky to be standing, let alone jumping. But did that stop him from taking me out in thebattle dome? No!

I can't believe he's four! It's just too fast!

He declared in the summer that he wanted to be a Green Alien for "Trick-or-Treat." With our best imagination we delivered!

With strolled the busy street of College Hill with the Berryman's and Auntie Lindz. Only after we dressed as Chipotle burritos and claimed our free food!

With his belly full of sugar and his face stained a little green, we commenced "The Month of Judah."
Until next time, signing off!