Monday, April 12, 2010

10 Things I Want To Love About You

Well, humphf! It can't always be sun shiny and rainbows, I guess. Boston is in one week. I should be done and showered by this time next week. I'm not giddy. I'm not excited. I'm tired, worried, and pretty burnt out.
That bites, but it's the truth. I've had some great times over the last few weeks. And I've had some pretty daunting lows. Is it pre-race nerves? Did I over-train and burnout? Is this normal nerves or is it more than that? Being pre-disposed to emotional issues, I've learned to take these times and "act the way I want to feel" not act the way I currently feel.
I believe this marathon is more than another race. A challenge to be conquered, it's a blessing. An unattainable dream brought into reality. I believe in a faithful God. I believe he gave me the impossible ability to rise off the couch and run faster than I ever knew I could.
I believe his faithfulness will turn my weariness around and Boston will become all I've ever hoped for. My God is good.
Kenton required me to make a list of "10 Things" I wanted to be excited about. I just put them together for him this afternoon.
Lord Willing, Boston will be beautiful.

1. Hugging my Dad at the finish line
2. Owning the title of Boston Marathoner
3. Experiencing the crowd
4. Feeling freedom from "having" to run
5. Buying Judah a "Future Qualifier" shirt
6. Celebrating with You, Judah, my Mom, and Dad
7. Giving you and Judah a picture of God's promise that "all things in Christ" are possible
8. Being glad I pushed through the "feelings" and ran the race
9. Hopefully getting teary eyed as I turn on to Boylston street and seeing the Citgo sign
10. Somehow being able to hear you scream my name in the sea of people as I prepare to finish this race (It's been a long road for us all)