Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Our PHAT Tuesday!

Kenton said, "we need to eat and be ready to leave by 7:15." Judah said, "okie-doke folks."
We were surprised by a trip to the ice rink. We had fun, well it was an experience to say the least! Ice skating is tricky enough on it's own, even more so when a three year old is trying to pull you down with every stride! We worked out the kinks and after several spills from Judah, ONE grand crash from Kenton, and nothing but pure grace from me, (See Mom, I told you I could of been a figure skater...ha!) we ended the night cold and happy.
Thanks Kenton for a lovely and chilly surprise!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Turning 30 in OKC

Happy 30th Birthday Kari!

As we were walking in to Zio's to celebrate my sister's 30th birthday, the photo opt of all photo opts presented itself! Nothing says "PARTY!" like a dead bird in a car grill!

We celebrated with food and fun down in Bricktown. We ate yummy Italian food and strolled the river walk.

Judah played with his cousin, Landon, and we were all so happy to see our family.
And of course there were messy kids with birthday cake frosting all over them!

We drove back to Wichita wishing we had more time to spend with Kari, Jeff, and Landon and eagerly anticipating our next trip to "The City."
The sun not only came out today, but it was over 65 degrees!!! Judah and I ate up every warm minute we could! We roamed the zoo and saw the new Lion cubs. I think this picture says everything. The kid was ready to get out of the house!
Have a great week and enjoy the weather!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Funny Valentine

He's ALL Mine!
Happy Valentine's Day

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

These Days

Is it really February already? It's been hectic and cold the last few weeks.
Judah came down with a nasty respiratory infection and had to receive breathing treatments or "blower medicine." He sounded so froggy while he was sick. One day he said, "Mommy, my talk is funny." He liked the fishy mask that he got to wear during treatments, but we all were happy when that seventh day passed and we could put the "blower" away!

It's been as cold as it could be lately, but somehow, I've managed a few good outdoor runs. I've unfortunately gotten too well acquainted with the good ol' treadmill during these snowy days. My running companion, Wendy, was just as tired of the spinning belt and we decided to brave it last weekend. We trudged nearly ten miles in literally freezing cold weather. About half way we both realized that the burning in our arms wasn't from the workout, it was the frostbite trying to set in. We defrosted and were geared up for a beautiful 4mile race on Super Bowl Sunday. We joined other die-hards for a 4 mile run through Linwood park. We dashed across icy paths and tip-toed over slick corners and some how we came out successful. I managed a personal record of 35:19. Wendy felt guilty for winning the medal last time, so I know she gave me the one second advantage. If we weren't such girls she would have schooled me. I'm so lucky to have her! We walked away with our "prize" of Run Wichita socks and went home to watch the Super Bowl commercials.


All in the same weekend two very special people had birthdays!
Miss Annie Marshall had her big 1 year birthday. We were so happy to get to celebrate with her. I was so amazed by how fast the past year had flown by. It seemed like just yesterday we were visiting that little sprout in the hospital and now she's ripping through presents and shoving cupcakes in her mouth. She's a doll. She makes those dang Marshall's just that much cooler.
I always wanted to be a Marshall! Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

It's good thing that Becca and I drank from the same water fountain during the spring of 2003, otherwise Judah would have NO boys in his life! Damien celebrated his 3rd Birthday. Damien is Judah's "best good friend"! If it weren't for him, Judah's existence would consist of girls constantly saying, "ewe gross," or "Judah hit me." So thank the good Lord for Damien. We couldn't stay long for Damien's Superman pizza party, but we were happy the boys could see each other.

The weeks have zoomed by, and I haven't felt like updating much because recent events seemed to heavy to comment on.
It was in the recent weeks that our beloved friends the Ross' lost their father unexpectedly. Travis' Dad, Tom, passed away in January and shocked everyone.
I'm always at a loss of words in these situations. Broken for the loved ones left behind and crushed about the pain they must feel. If there were a perfect thing to say, I guess death wouldn't be such a hard situation in the first place.
We were privileged to learn more about Travis' Dad through the words of his friends and family, but mostly through a list of memories presented by Travis, Tom's only child. As we listened to all the words, I was so blessed by the legacy this man, whom I barely knew, left behind.
He loved his wife. In every way this man loved his wife. He adored his son and he esteemed his wife. Every testimony and account given about Tom Ross included the overwhelming fact that he loved the woman he married. Neighbors got up and spoke of how he would always walk through the neighborhood hand in hand with his wife, it was announced that he always wanted to be where she was. Kenton and I even remembered Tom being mentioned in our Pre-Marital counseling as a great example of a man who loves his wife. There was an over whelming theme to this wonderful man's life. I left thinking two things. 1, "If I left the earth today, would everyone in my life be consistently commenting on how they knew I loved my husband?" 2, "Is there anything of more honor than being a man who loves his wife?"
Thank you Thomas Ross for setting such an example, I only hope I can do the same.
Only after learning more about the man that was Travis' father can I begin to grasp what they must be going through, I am so sorry for your loss.

While they were in town we did get to have a lighter day and let the kids play and we got to speak face to face. It was great, I wish it had been under different circumstances.
Tom was the janitor at my middle school. We called him the "cool 70's janitor". Like- father like-son, a love of long hair must run in the family!
Here's to a wonderful man who loved well.