Monday, February 19, 2007

Turning 30 in OKC

Happy 30th Birthday Kari!

As we were walking in to Zio's to celebrate my sister's 30th birthday, the photo opt of all photo opts presented itself! Nothing says "PARTY!" like a dead bird in a car grill!

We celebrated with food and fun down in Bricktown. We ate yummy Italian food and strolled the river walk.

Judah played with his cousin, Landon, and we were all so happy to see our family.
And of course there were messy kids with birthday cake frosting all over them!

We drove back to Wichita wishing we had more time to spend with Kari, Jeff, and Landon and eagerly anticipating our next trip to "The City."
The sun not only came out today, but it was over 65 degrees!!! Judah and I ate up every warm minute we could! We roamed the zoo and saw the new Lion cubs. I think this picture says everything. The kid was ready to get out of the house!
Have a great week and enjoy the weather!

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