Friday, January 22, 2010

"It Happens"

I think I read there are 13 weeks until Boston. We booked the flights last night, so there's no turning back now. Plus, my parents are booked as's so exciting to have their unwavering support.
I have such a love/hate relationship with running at times. This week was kind of a struggle to remember why I ever liked it. As I dodged the copious supply of goose poop along the river, I recalled the wise words of Forest Gump, "It Happens...Sometimes."
Life can be so taxing and training doesn't care if you just don't "feel" like it. This week was just full of "it." Once I could wrap my brain around the fact that sometimes, "It" just happens, I was able to break through and get more excited about my training.
Boston is supposed to be fun and I want to really take it all in and enjoy.
Here's a brief run down of the last few days.
Saturday: 13.5 miles
Sunday: 3 miles
Monday: 10 miles
Tuesday: 5 miles + 2.5 elliptical miles + Weights
Wednesday: 11 miles
Thursday: 5 miles to Gym, lift weights, 3 miles home
Friday: 5 miles

One of my favorite runs is my runs through downtown to the YMCA. I go pass one of our best sights. The Keeper of the Plains is a central focal point of the city and even on a dreary day, it's nice to see.
Before I get to the gym, I pass a very active bobcat in the native animal exhibit in the park. Even when it's freezing and snow covered, this thing always pops out as I run by.
And speaking of freezing... it HASN'T been! it's been wonderful how mild the temps have been. Only needing one layer and not having to pull out the big dopey mittens that make it impossible to use my ipod. However, it was still chilly enough to create my embarrassing "snowbeard" this week. I didn't know about this lovely trait until last year. I had finished a race and my Dad pointed out my lovely sweaty facial beard. When it's cold the sweat can kinda freezes to the "Oh so delicate, soft, totally NORMAL" light hair on my face.
Since that race, I've been so conscious to wipe my face often on my sleeves. But, as I got to the gym and noticed it was still showing, I tried to snap a pic. TMI, maybe, but I figured this picture was funny enough. Plus the fact that I was in the bathroom trying to capture this and flinching anytime I heard the door open, was a pretty good image as well.

(Wow what a shot of the nose!)

As, I progress through this season I think one of my biggest weapons is to remember to enjoy it. To be able to be healthy enough to go after this dream is such a huge blessing. And to have a beautiful family to back me up is priceless.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Raining Fog!

That was the verdict from the National Weather Service this morning. "Frozen Fog Advisory." After I stalled long enough, I got over a little falling precipitation, in whatever weird form it was in, and hit the road.
I haven't been taking enough time to stretch properly and after three days on the treadmill last week, I was feelin' it. I was feeling much better today after I got going.
Tuesdays are my nice run to the gym while I listen to the NPR quiz show, "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell
Me." I can often imagine what one might think as I blurt out the answers while running through the streets of downtown. Or as I burst in to laughter. Oh well, can't be any worse than when I just can't contain myself and start singing along to the music.
I warmed up and was nearly to the gym when I found myself in Riverside Park and the view was just awesome. I had to stop and take the best shot I could with my phone.
The frozen fog made the park and the river look so beautiful. There were a few other lonely running shoe footprints out on the path too. It feels good to know that some other crazies are out there too.
Besides being sore, training is going just fine this week. The temps are warming and the sun is supposed to come out. That makes such a difference in my attitude towards training. Plus I can only handle so many miles on a the treadmill, I have my limit.
While the miles are creeping up slowly, I think it's time for me to focus more on my diet. I know I've put on a little bit of weight since last year, Christmas helped. I'm frustrated about it yet, I haven't done much about it. I keep hearing Dr. Phil's voice over and over in my head,
"You gotta get real about fat, or you're going to get real fat."
I realize me mentioning anything about weight can seem like a slap in the face to some who really are struggling with a serious weight issue. Thats not my goal. As runners, I think we all get it. We know when we're not at our optimal weight, even if it's just 2-5 pounds, it bothers us. And that's where I'm at. Calling the elephant out and introducing him. I need to lose some
weight, or I want to. Mostly I want to regain control over my eating and not be owned by the midnight munchies who are responsible for slowing down my race times and making my favorite jeans fit just a little less comfortably.
What's my plan? I don't know yet, but I hoping putting it out there into the cyber world, where I think a few people are reading about it, might keep me in check. (Oh and if you're out there, would you tell me? I'm lonely)
I want to be healthy for Boston and I know I can get there, just have to get my mind around it.

Speaking of food, I meant to take a picture of my favorite meal. My reason for running on some days is simply to taste the wonderfulness of Coconut Curry. The
meal that I would gladly count calories all week just to enjoy after a long run. I meant to take a picture but I was too excited and forgot until it was gone.
Here's my happy plate though.
What a ramble! Anywho, here's what I've been up to since Friday.
Saturday: 12 miles on the treadmill
Sunday: 3 miles outside
Monday: 10 at 5AM
Tuesday: 5 to the gym, lift weights, 2.5 home

Friday, January 08, 2010

The Road (err...tread) To Boston Week 1

Well, I think I'm officially 16 weeks out from the Boston Marathon. I should probably check that calendar. Either way, I feel just fine with where I'm at in training. Most plans call for much lower miles at this point, so I'll consult a schedule in a few days.
I figured I'd see if anyone wanted to follow me to Boston. Therefore, I'd post about my training.

So here's this week's "RUN DOWN."
Monday: 5am Outdoor 10 miler
Tuesday: 5 Mile run to YMCA, lift weights, 2.5 mile run home
Wednesday: 5am Outdoor 10 miler (Beat the "Arctic blast")
Thursday: It was 0 degrees and a windchill of -10, I wimped out and ran 10 miles on the treadmill and lifted weights
Friday: 45 minute spin class, 7 miles on treadmill

Tomorrow I am planning on yet another treadmill run, but thankfully the running group I meet with on Saturday's will be present. Long runs can be done on a treadmill and looking at the record lows were having, I'm guessing my road to Boston might look like this for a while.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Little Bling To Ring In The New Year

YMCA Frosty 5K Overall Results | January 1, 2010
Place First Name Last Name Age Sex Time Race #
1 Thomas O'Connell 19 m 16:00.89 156
2 Dan Lord 20 m 16:05.98 553
3 John Murphy III 16 m 16:41.67 68
4 John Bogart 36 m 17:52.94 191
5 Michael Pope 41 m 18:23.44 393
6 Leonard Ake 41 m 18:40.49 220
7 Bruce Coffman 49 m 18:59.47 400
8 Scott Hill 31 m 19:11.35 345
9 Morgan McRae 16 m 19:12.03 221
10 Brandon Dorion 15 m 19:18.94 180
11 Mark Penerton 29 m 19:31.65 122
12 Scott Wadle 30 m 19:35.44 128
13 Ricardo Alvarez 34 m 19:39.14 401
14 Steve Larson 30 m 19:40.21 573
15 Dale Bing 57 m 19:41.31 407
16 Zachary Hambrick 16 m 19:42.34 397
17 Jerome Albaret 35 m 19:45.96 179
18 Jonathan Goering 34 m 19:48.74 124
19 Charity Lenzi 33 f 19:50.20 215
20 Alan Farrington 46 m 19:52.66 403
21 Scott Riley 43 m 20:00.17 222
22 Molly Milbourn 17 f 20:04.74 82
23 Chris Hickerson 33 m 20:12.71 274
24 Lacy Hansen 28 f 20:13.89 108
25 Lonnie Awtrey 44 m 20:17.95 276
26 April Gochenour 31 f 20:22.50

We celebrated New Years Day by bundling up for a nice 3.1 mile jaunt around the Arkansas River. For whatever reason, the Frosty 5K, is never a PR day for me. Never has been. Maybe it's the late hours kept the night before. Maybe it's the holiday treats catching up with me. Or maybe it's the flippin' cold temps? Either way, I ran my race, but was not able to pull off a PR or even match my previous PR. At one point I was 4th female, then 3rd, then 2nd, then even was 1st for a few yards. I lost first place at mile 2 and became 3rd at mile 2.5 and remained 3rd until the finish. I received a gold medal for being the first in my age group, which is always a thrill, but I was a little bummed to lose the lead.
I stood at the finish line in the sub 20 degree weather and waited on so many of my favorite people to finish. Among the finishers were my parents. My Dad walked away with a little bling as well. Kenton ran bandit and I was just happy to have him there enjoying the sport with me.

We enjoyed soups and chili and were off on our way to enjoy the holiday.
New Years marked the end of the holiday season and the the beginning of BOSTON 2010 TRAINING!!!!
It took a day or two before I swallowed the reality that I'M RUNNING BOSTON T-H-I-S YEAR!
I've been hitting it pretty hard these past two weeks and I plan on posting more often as I work my way to a dream come true.
Happy New Year! I hope you all follow me on this journey. I'm going to need all the support I can get! (It's Boston Baby!)