Friday, January 08, 2010

The Road (err...tread) To Boston Week 1

Well, I think I'm officially 16 weeks out from the Boston Marathon. I should probably check that calendar. Either way, I feel just fine with where I'm at in training. Most plans call for much lower miles at this point, so I'll consult a schedule in a few days.
I figured I'd see if anyone wanted to follow me to Boston. Therefore, I'd post about my training.

So here's this week's "RUN DOWN."
Monday: 5am Outdoor 10 miler
Tuesday: 5 Mile run to YMCA, lift weights, 2.5 mile run home
Wednesday: 5am Outdoor 10 miler (Beat the "Arctic blast")
Thursday: It was 0 degrees and a windchill of -10, I wimped out and ran 10 miles on the treadmill and lifted weights
Friday: 45 minute spin class, 7 miles on treadmill

Tomorrow I am planning on yet another treadmill run, but thankfully the running group I meet with on Saturday's will be present. Long runs can be done on a treadmill and looking at the record lows were having, I'm guessing my road to Boston might look like this for a while.


  1. i think you are incredibly brave for running outside at ALL this week. i kicked off running again, all on the treadmill. oh warm and delightful Y. :) however, i'm going to try and be brave and venture outside tomorrow for 7. 5a 10 milers? you are my hero. seriously.

    and i'm holding you to the super bowl run. i will hunt you down. and let you know what i'll be wearing. bandit. love it! oh and i saw a guy at the frosty 5k that i was totally thinking, that looks like kenton. maybe i was right!! and next time you WILL be involved in jazz hands....because it's spectacular....maybe i should have just emailed you ;)

  2. wooooooooo! great week!!!!!!!! i feel all stiff in my backs and hips after too many treadmill miles. but it def helps esp in dangerous weather. good luck! youare already rockiingggg!

  3. My road to Boston looked an awful lot like that in December! Going to get outdoors more in January, but at least the treadmill affords one an option for good, quality speed work if it's too icy or slick outside.

  4. Ummm...5 am 10 mile runs?? In this weather??!! You are a hero. Seriously. I can't even make it to the gym for a 5:30 spin class. Most of my runs have been done lately on the indoor track at the Y, it's really fun running with all the resolutioners this time of year. :)

  5. Good luck, Lacy! I hope all the training goes well.