Saturday, April 16, 2011


My head is spinning but I had to pause to show you who I saw today. The picture is blurry, but that's okay.
I was walking through the expo and caught a glimpse of Ryan Hall and then he walked over to Josh Cox. With sweaty arm pits I interrupted them and asked for a picture.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dealin' With It

I don't know why. I just do, ok?! I haven't always, but I just do now. 

What am I talking about? PINK. That terrible, awful color. And why am I talking about it? Because my shoe's this season only come in pink. ....iiiccck

When I called about my specially ordered Saucony Guide's SIZE: 10.5 - NARROW (aka: HUGE mammoth , yet thin sized), the shoe store owner warned me that they were pink. He knew my strong distaste for the color too. Seeing as it was April 1st, I held out hope all day that it was a joke. Alas, it wasn't and I now have my very first pair of pink shoes. So, yeah, I'm dealin' with it!

Blue's more my thing, if you hadn't noticed
My new shoes

So, that's my "spoiled, cushy, does what ever I please, has nothing to really whine about" problem of the week.
 In that same vain, Here's the link to a nice article from a local magazine SPLURGE! They wrote about my said cushy life. Oh and the author included some really nice stuff about my family.

April's Splurge!

So, that's a small tidbit into the running drama going on this month. Oh, and that I'm leaving for Boston this week. I'm bib # 8007 and can be tracked along the race.

All the info's at the link.

Here's to hoping I'm all smiles (not just faked ones for the camera) as I cross the line on Monday. Even if I'm in pink shoes.
2010,  3:29 Finish

Me faking it. Really thinking "Is this real life?"