Friday, January 22, 2010

"It Happens"

I think I read there are 13 weeks until Boston. We booked the flights last night, so there's no turning back now. Plus, my parents are booked as's so exciting to have their unwavering support.
I have such a love/hate relationship with running at times. This week was kind of a struggle to remember why I ever liked it. As I dodged the copious supply of goose poop along the river, I recalled the wise words of Forest Gump, "It Happens...Sometimes."
Life can be so taxing and training doesn't care if you just don't "feel" like it. This week was just full of "it." Once I could wrap my brain around the fact that sometimes, "It" just happens, I was able to break through and get more excited about my training.
Boston is supposed to be fun and I want to really take it all in and enjoy.
Here's a brief run down of the last few days.
Saturday: 13.5 miles
Sunday: 3 miles
Monday: 10 miles
Tuesday: 5 miles + 2.5 elliptical miles + Weights
Wednesday: 11 miles
Thursday: 5 miles to Gym, lift weights, 3 miles home
Friday: 5 miles

One of my favorite runs is my runs through downtown to the YMCA. I go pass one of our best sights. The Keeper of the Plains is a central focal point of the city and even on a dreary day, it's nice to see.
Before I get to the gym, I pass a very active bobcat in the native animal exhibit in the park. Even when it's freezing and snow covered, this thing always pops out as I run by.
And speaking of freezing... it HASN'T been! it's been wonderful how mild the temps have been. Only needing one layer and not having to pull out the big dopey mittens that make it impossible to use my ipod. However, it was still chilly enough to create my embarrassing "snowbeard" this week. I didn't know about this lovely trait until last year. I had finished a race and my Dad pointed out my lovely sweaty facial beard. When it's cold the sweat can kinda freezes to the "Oh so delicate, soft, totally NORMAL" light hair on my face.
Since that race, I've been so conscious to wipe my face often on my sleeves. But, as I got to the gym and noticed it was still showing, I tried to snap a pic. TMI, maybe, but I figured this picture was funny enough. Plus the fact that I was in the bathroom trying to capture this and flinching anytime I heard the door open, was a pretty good image as well.

(Wow what a shot of the nose!)

As, I progress through this season I think one of my biggest weapons is to remember to enjoy it. To be able to be healthy enough to go after this dream is such a huge blessing. And to have a beautiful family to back me up is priceless.


  1. I am not "feeling" my Boston training at all right now! Snowbeard-Ha!! Good luck with the training! You are wicked FAST!!

  2. i love our running paths along the river...unfortunately i live in the the family pic with curious george.

  3. Hehe. At the OKC Boathouse Tri this summer, we all came out of the river with disgusting brown mud all over our faces. I seriously looked like I had a beard. The ice crystals are kind of cute, comparatively.

    And goose poop = yuck.

  4. ummm....pretty sure I missed your "off day" in that workout list. Crazy. So I take it you were not enticed enough to come to groundhog this weekend?

  5. KPTSsssssss That's an Aaaaappppeeeee. (Hutchinson, Wichita.)

    Anyone? Anyone?!