Saturday, October 04, 2008

Off To The Races

Fall is race season in Kansas. Since my ramus has healed, I've been fortunate enough to join in the fun.
I celebrated my 27th birthday by resting and waking the next morning to run the Wichita Half Marathon.
Sept. 21, 2008 Wichita Half Marathon
After a few miles of weaving in and out of the crowd, I discovered I was feeling good and managed to keep a solid pace.

It was a warm and sunny day. But it ended up being a great day for running. My dad helped reel me in by running the last three miles with me. It was so helpful, I hadn't run over ten miles in nearly six months. It was good to chat the last few miles away.
I ran a personal best of 1:47:21!

September 27, 2008 Wichita Race For The Cure 5K

My Dad, his friend Dennis, and I pushed and pulled each other along through a tough but fast 5K.

It paid off though. I ran a personal best of 21:55 and we all medaled in this huge race! My Dad set a new PR as well! (21:57)

My mom must have gotten tired of holding all our stuff on the side lines. She ran her first 5K and finished with a smile on her face. Judah got in on the great fun and dashed to the finish of his third Race for the Cure.

October 4, 2008 Rosstoberfest 2008 5K
An inaugural run benefiting a little bot with Muscular Dystrophy was held in our neighborhood, College Hill. It was a great course weaving throughout the neighborhood and ending up the great snowhill. It did not seem like a course for records, but the day surprised us all.
With all the hills and the last push up the grass hill, my Dad and I somehow managed a better time than the week before. Once we hit the pavement at the top of the hill, he surged forward and beat my whipped tail! He finished around 21:37 or so and I came in about ten seconds after him.

My mom took about two minutes off her previous weeks time as well.

Judah lined up to run the kids one mile with his Daddy after we all finished.

Much to our surprise Judah ran the entire mile in under 11 minutes! I was so proud of him!
I scooped him up at the finish line and didn't want to let go.
When the announcer called his name as third place finisher in the 6 and Under division, I screamed like no one was watching!

I placed in my age group as well and walked away with a huge beer mug, filled with frothy beer...uh, gross. I hope the Oktoberfest Catholics will forgive me for pouring it out in the grass.

Randy Carlile 51, 21:42
Lacy Hansen, 27, 21:45
Jeanie Carlile, 49. 38:42

One Mile
Judah Hansen, 4, 11:01


  1. Great job team Hansen/Carlile! Way to go Judah! Keep up the hard work!

  2. Hi Lacy! It's Lindsay's friend Michelle and wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog....Judah is such a cutie and it's hard to believe how grown up he is! I remember when Linds was so excited when he was BORN! Also, great job with the running; what an awesome passion....very motivational! Have a great day!!