Friday, March 05, 2010

Ramblings of a Sleepy Sappy Runner

As Boston is getting closer I've found myself on an emotional roller coaster. From tears of excitement to worries to even total indifference, my feelings have been all over the charts.
I keep thinking of the movie, Groundhog Day.
I wake every morning trying to chase down that perfect day I had. Well, Ive had more than one good day, but I'd like them all to "feel" just right. But as the chips fall as they may, I must accept my limited control over my feelings, and just tell the stupid ones to shut up.

I've been running really well, finally. I've visited Nancy Bowers, a great massage therapist twice now. The experience has been intense. Even though there's candles, dim lights, and soft music, she's still really aggressive about getting my muscles "worked." A few techniques caused me to clinch my fist and bite my tongue. She's also a Boston Marathoner, so I feel very comfortable in her care. And after a few sessions, I felt like a brand new runner again. It's a total gift from God that I've been able to receive her therapy.

The weather has finally taken a turn for the better. A new record was noted this week in Wichita. It got over 60 degrees for the first time since November 28th. The news said that this is the longest recorded streak of such low temperatures. But the sun's been out and I've found that my habit of gloves and stocking cap have been too warm some days. That's such good news.

As we get closer, Judah is getting so excited. He talks about getting ice cream, seeing his friends and cousin, and flying all the time. His teacher showed me his journal from last month, he has more than one entry about Boston.

I plotted my jog course for the day before the marathon this week too. Looks like I'll cross the finish line the day before the race too. My Dad and I signed up for the BAA 5K ( this week. I'll comfortably jog the race through a historic course to get my sea legs ready for the big day. Part of me wondered if I'll be sad to cross the line before the 19th, like maybe it'll water down the real deal. Doubt it, plus when am I going to get a chance to do it again?

Seems like things are going pretty smoothly. My body seems to be feeling pretty good. My narrow shoes are working wonders on my foot. I just pray every day for safety and good health. My God has been so faithful, I'm overwhelmed.

2/20 16 miles
2/21 3 miles
2/22 6 miles + weights
2/23 10 miles
2/24 45 minute spin class + 5 miles on elliptical
2/25 10 miles
2/26 8 miles + weights
2/27 20 miles
2/28 3 miles
3/1 10 miles
3/2 6 miles + weights
3/3 10 miles
3/4 6 miles
3/5 8 miles + weights

Gotta get to bed.... 22 miler in the morning.

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  1. ahhh what a familiar map :) glad you are feeling great and you've gotten some awesome mileage in!!!! great idea to run a 5k with your dad. glad you could get in, too, i heard it fills up fast.