Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 20, 2010 First Day of Spring

Yesterday at 1 PM I was outdoors at a park with Judah. No coats, sunglasses, and surrounded by all the droves of park goers. This morning we wake to this.

It's below freezing and the wind is howling. I am not a light weight. I have run in the crap all season. I was supposed to run my 24 miler today. I am not. Tomorrow the sun is supposed to shine and it's forecasted to be much warmer. It was not hard to suggest a 24 hour delay on our run to the group. So, 7 am tomorrow I will take on the last "long" run of my training for the 2010 Boston Marathon. Rain, snow, or shine!

I received my Bib number this week. I am number 8481. With a simple text to the number above, I can be tracked via text message on Race Day, 4 weeks and one day from today!

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  1. ha, yeah i can't believe it snowed on the first day of spring...that's kansas for us, huh? at least it's getting to be shorts-wearing weather of luck with the rest of your training for Boston...