Friday, September 08, 2006

Rockin' and Roarin' Days!

Praise the Lord! The weather has been awesome here! It's only getting into the the 80's at the most and it's just lovely to be outside.
Judah and I have been adventuring out on our own lately and have found some "fun" things to do! (If you're nearly three... fun is the applicable term... otherwise, it's rewarding) :)
We set out yesterday to put some constructive use to the ever insistent need to pick up every rock we pass. We went on a rock hunt. Using our Chinese take out box as our carrier. (One of the three R's: Reduce, REUSE, and recycle!)

We made it back with a hefty bounty!

We completed the trip by pressing the rocks into homemade clay and baking it to dry.

I think Judah really liked it. He had to kiss his piece goodbye when we left the house this morning!

Today we went to the zoo and had a great time. Judah had one goal, "See all the guys from Madagascar." So we did. We saw some extras too.

Judah liked that he was as big as "the orange one" and he was very excited to get so close to a wallaby!

We saw "Melman" or a giraffe, we said hello to "Gloria" the hippo, and we even saw"Marty" with a "Baby Marty". The baby zebra was a surprise to Judah. The real treat came when we popped around the corner to see the Lion's habitat. Normally you can catch a glimpse of the back side of a sleeping lion. Not today.... "Alex" was front and center. So much so that he made me jump at first sight!

The sleepy lion wasn't crazy about all the attention and at one point (when my precious baby was at the glass) he batted the glass and showed his ENORMOUS teeth. That was one of those moments that a mommy has to force herself to stay calm so that the child has no reason to get scared. I really appreciate all the hard work that went in to planning the thickness of the lion's glass! Great JOB!!


He was being so brave standing so close! His face shows it all.... what a trooper. He only stood there because I promised that all his grandma's would see the picture. So... NeeNee, Nana, and Meme... let him know you saw his picture with the lion!

Judah and I have been given such a great gift. The fact that we get to spend our days together and go on rock hunts or explore the zoo, make me so grateful. His daddy is working very hard to help keep us at home together, and we love him so much for it!

The best reward comes when Judah says. "That was fun Mommy."


  1. I love it! Judah is so brave. Tell him that I am proud of him and am happy that he was able to see a lion so close!

  2. Stephanie told me you were doing your hair curly and I couldn't've always had board straight hair as long as I've known you. Then what a tease to have this picture that is too far away to really tell what's going on, except that you have more volume than I ever thought possible for your hair. Help me out and post a picture of you a little closer:)