Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Hook One's First Day

Today was Judah's first day of "school." Our big boy was so excited the last few days leading up to the big day. He was excited to sport his new Diego backpack and to practice writing "the hook letter" that starts his name.

He is enrolled in "First Things First" at the Little Learning Center. He arrived right on time and met his new teacher, Ms. Rocha. He walked in and signed his letter J, or "the hook one" on the sign-in and immediately was surprised. His best buddy from church, Damien, was in the classroom waiting for class to start!
We went around the circle, introduced ourselves and started learning about "helpers." Judah quickly noticed his name was chosen to be the "Weather Helper." As he and his friends lined up and walked outside (with their hands behind their back and their mouths glued together) he was responsible for remembering what kind of weather it was outdoors. When we returned to the room, he helped Ms. Rocha place the arrows on the cloudy and windy sections of the chart.

After calendar and weather time came centers. Judah used a bingo dobber to dobb the letter J. Then he ripped and tore paper to glue to an apple picture. Finally he constructed a stick puppet Judah, with big hair, orange shorts and all.

He was anxious to get centers over with because the rice table was calling his name. He and Damien scooped, funneled, and buried toys with rice. He claimed that this was one of his favorite parts of the whole day. During centers we were startled with the sound of the fire alarm, and Judah followed the class outside for his first ever fire drill.
Finally after all the commotion came the best part of any kid's school day.... Recess!!! It was raining and he got really grumpy when the teacher called the students back to line-up. "Ah Dangit!"

After a short circle time discussing using our polite words, Judah's first day of school was over. He placed all his hard work in his backpack and we headed for home.

He is growing up way too fast! Way, WAY too fast!

I'm just so proud of my big boy who's name starts with the "hook letter."


  1. They look so big playing in the rice together. The time just goes to fast! Way to fast.

  2. Maybe they'll even teach Judah to teach his mommy how to spell "commotion"!

    (Sorry Lacy, I tried and tried all week to NOT post this, but I just couldn't resist!)

    Love ya Girl! Go grammar geeks!

  3. Yeah yeah... you caught me. Without spell check I can be a hopeless mess!
    It wasn't working the night I posted, I quickly edited it the next day, but not before you caught me.
    At least I didn't end my sentence in a preposition..I think?