Sunday, September 30, 2007

Party Like It's Your Birthday

So, I turned the big 2-6 this month. It has been a long series of celebrations and I'm so blessed to have so many gifts, friends, family members, and opportunities to celebrate with.
Many of the following events were all great celebrations in the past week. However, the greatest marking of festivities came when Judah got the dancing fever in the store. The kid's moves brought tears to my eyes!

Dave and Rachel had us out to Rachel's parent's house Saturday night for a bonfire and weenie roast. Jeff and Kay treated us like royalty! From taking the kids on tractor rides to get treats and pumpkins, to keeping the fire going for s'mores, they out did themselves.
We had a great time!

Saturday morning, I ran my first 5K as a 26 year old and rose to my Dad's challenge. He declared we needed break 23 minutes. I ran my heart out (and nearly my guts too) and took nearly a minute off my previous time, coming in at 22 minutes. My Dad was right behind me and we both accomplished the goal of a sub 23 minute 5K (3.1 miles). I was so excited to see my name listed as the third place finisher in my age group.
I was honored to be a part of the Race for the Cure. It's powerful morning seeing all the survivors and those running in memory of their loved ones.

Judah got in on it too. He ran his little heart out in celebration of his beloved Great Great Aunt Faye.

The previous weekend Maria and Jamie hosted a mass birthday celebration for me, Wendy, Rachel, and Stephanie. We had a great time and the night was topped off with the biggest contest of apple bobbing! All the kids and most of the adults got in on the action, it was so great. It was awesome to celebrate with all my friends!

Prior to the party, I honored my turning 26 by running half my age. The Wichita Half Marathon took place Sunday September, 23. It was a fun warm up for next months full marathon. I wanted to break two hours. Side stitch and all I finished in 1:53. I was so happy to see my parents, Kenton and Judah, and my friends at the finish line. All the efforts to be out there and support me were one of the greatest gifts ever.

I have a lot to be grateful for this year. I've had a ton of great experiences during my birthday season. I just celebrated another time today and I'm humbled by all the love I have been shown.
Party on my friends, Party on!

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  1. Lacy I laugh soooo hard everytime I watch Judah get down. I love the smile he has when he first gets started, then when he takes his glasses off, finally when he looks down at himself. I love it so much! I bet you are proud.

    "All my friends know the lowrider."