Sunday, October 07, 2007

Judah, Your Genius Is Showing

Every mother's child is a prodigy. Lately my child has come into a new realm of genius.

He has instantly taken off with his writing skills. He recognizes most of the letters in his name and can sign his name with minimal help.

This weekend when he was "writing" his cousin Audrey a letter he created a masterpiece. The colored picture is one of a castle and all it's inhabitants. There's a king, queen, a fire breathing dragon, thrones, a moat, and horses. As the piece came together we were so impressed.

One of his other pieces of the week is a more simpler, life drawing, if you will. He drew a picture of himself riding his bike. We were so pleased to watch his "scrambles" turn in to real forms.

Just when we thought his brain had to of been exhausted from such an amazing week of accomplishments, he pulled out one more.

My parents gave me a musical birthday card this year. It plays the theme from Star Wars. Judah has found this more of a treat for him than I ever could have. He loves running around the house pretending to be a spaceship while the music plays. This weekend he found a whole other use for this sound track.

I know what you must be thinking, "You must be so proud." Oh, and I am!


  1. Too too funny. I love when he keeps dropping his light saber!! And how he says "Thanx" after you tell him good job -- lol!!!!

  2. The kids were laughing harder than I was!