Friday, May 12, 2006

Mr. McHansen

Here we are once again, it's Friday afternoon and Judah's asleep. It's been a good day, no major meltdowns, no broken bones, and only about three trips to time out. Yes, I can easily say it's been a good day.
We were able to go to a playgroup today and we were even more fortunate to have the Marshall's come with us. "PaigeJena" as Judah calls the older sisters (I guess he sees them as a singular unit, can't have Paige with out Jena and vice versa) and "Rita" or Maria as we call her joined us along with their brand new baby sister, Annie. (Judah actually calls this Marshall by the right name) It's great to just sit back and let your kids make a mess that isn't in your home, plus they have a lot of extra cool toys that seem to keep everyone's interest so mom's can take a breather.
Today Judah discovered the dress up closet and came running to me to show off his new look. He thought he was a police man, but he was actually a mail man.

I couldn't contain my laughter, because I thought he looked just like a miniature version of Mister Roger's mailman, Mr. McFeely.

Paige got the dress up bug too, however I think she looked much more like a princess than an old mail man.

We had a great time and we finished our play day like we do everytime, with some songs and dances. Including Judah's old favorite, "Hurry, Hurry Drive the Firetruck," and his new favorite, "The Elephant Song."

Oh, the glamour of a stay at home mom!

But just when we thought we couldn't have any more excitement in one day, let's not forget the Riverfestival starts tonight! Oh, the joy of cramming all of Wichita into a two by two block radius and only about 20 porta potties supplied! But, we are all true blue Wichitans (and too poor to pay for our entertainment) so tonight we will brave the parade!

Let's just hope I can get some better pictures than last year! It was so crowded, that we could barely see. I will leave you with an image that (I kid you not) Kenton snapped last year. It's a pretty good indicator of how crammed it was. We could only find a crack to watch the parade through.

(I know, I know.... we are horrible people!)



  1. That is kind of the view I had most of the parade, Lacy, except I think that the pants were brown not blue! We had a great time at playgroup too! The shiner on Paige's head kind of clashes with her red beads though. It is uncanny how much Judah looks like Mr. McFeely. (His name scared me when I was a kid.)

  2. Seriously, I don't think I'd want a MeFeely around my child!

  3. McFeely that is NOT MeFeely, but I wouldn't want him around my kid either!

  4. That is a horrible picture. Lacy this is a family blog!