Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Every New Day

So, (there I go again, is there any other way to start these things?, I'm gonna try out Travis' "well") I mean, Well, today I was getting into the same cabinet or "lazy susan" as I believe they are called, that I get into every single day. However, today I reached down and found something that I thought was missing for the last two months. It was just a lid to a bowl.
A bowl lid that I blamed Kenton for losing and not caring enough to find. I was so frustrated with him, because I specifically asked him to make sure it came home, I mean come on! It was Tupperware! So here was this "lost" lid stuck between the shelf and the wall, and I was left with that "oops" look on my face. I hate being wrong. And I really hate it when I made someone else feel guilty about it too.
As I grabbed the lid and put it back where it belonged, I knew that I owed Kenton an apology, but I also knew that this was a funny little way to start this day.
Yesterday's post was hard for me to do. I thought, "this is just a way for family and friends to stay connected, not an opinion column." And when my first draft was lost due to the connection, I almost completely gave up. Yet, I managed to push through and put my thoughts out there, and they were met with some interesting comments. Instantly, I regretted what I had done. I was for sure my thoughts were off and I was foolish for sharing them in the first place. Even now I don't know why it bothered me so much that some either mis-understand me, or disagree with me. I mean who cares, It's my place to write and I was just sharing my thoughts, being bold and stepping out. But I gotta be honest I was crushed that maybe I was wrong. Maybe I was stepping too far out, and I needed to reign it back in.
But as I dug out my "missing" lid this morning, the one I was so sure was gone forever, I laughed and thought, "who cares?" I know that Kenton will forgive me for blaming him and I'm sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that God (and you too, hopefully) would forgive me if I was wrong too. But man, I hate being wrong!

But on to today!
Judah is easily motivated to behave when there's something in it for him. (Who can't relate to that?) And today I was able to continually ask, "Do you still want to go to Samuel's house?" Instantly, his demeanor changed and the bucket of dinosaurs practically picked themselves up. Debbie McKinley hosts a mother's of young children playgroup once a month and Judah is so excited when it's time to go to "Samu's house." I am too, because finally he can play with a boy who has equal amounts of energy. I also love it because I can talk to other mom's and completely relax for about an hour. (As you can see there were no pictures because I totally vegged out and got so lost in peaceful time that I completely forgot!) But all in all it was great. But Lord bless Judah's spirit, because he loves a challenge! We were leaving and I promised him his coveted raisins once we were settled in the car. This proved to be too small a quest for him and he obviously needed more, so he decided throwing my keys out the car door was more of the adventure he was looking for. Well, he definitely created an adventure for us all. There's nothing more exciting than a 15 minute car ride across town with a screaming two year old exclaiming,"I WANT MY RAISINS!" Oh, yeah staying at home with your kids it so relaxing!
But thankfully Judah's beloved Uncle Reido was at our house when we got back, and who can care about raisins when you can play doctor with Reido? Well, Judah quickly dropped the raisin fight and gave his uncle a full check-up! We were both shocked to find out that Reid has something pretty serious. I'm not sure if there is a cure. Sadly, Judah was looking in his ears and pronounced that "you have elephants in there." So friends please pray for Reid's health, I'm not sure how intense the removal process is, but I'm just glad I clean my ears everyday!

After Reid was thoroughly examined, he returned the service to Judah.

We all love our Uncle Reido! And we're so glad that he's well, except for that whole elephant thing.


  1. One last clarification about your blog yesterday; I didn't disagree with you, your blog just inspired me to share some of my thoughts on marriage and God. Man, people that read your blog are going to think we hate each other. What they don't know is that for me to pull your hair and you to call me names, is just our way of saying we love each other. I'm glad we know that.

  2. Yeah, I know but maybe we should grow up. This has been our relationship for (oh my!)TEN years!
    Can you believe that?

  3. I'm glad you guys worked that out. I thought I was gonna have to send you to your rooms.