Thursday, May 18, 2006

We've got this day licked!

Andy's Ice Cream Truck visited Judah's school today. He is learning quite quickly that manners will get you far. Today he held the gate for all his friends and by doing so was allowed to "go first" to chose his frozen treat. He doesn't mess around when it comes to ice cream and quickly pointed to the "monkey one." How could it get any better? Two of his most favorite things, monkeys and ice cream. He had just become the proud owner of an awesome King Kong ice cream bar. It was so fun to watch him try and handle this drippy mess. His face was stained purple for the remainder of the afternoon.

Wednesday's are always busy and I feel like all there is to do is give a list of what we did. Now, I realize that there is no need to blog every day and I'm the only one in this "family" who tends to, but when you've got great images like the one above, you can't blame me, can you?
So, with that in mind I will give you a little glimsp into the rest of our day.

We were at church early today, because Kenton filled in on the Arise band worship team. He rocked out on the drums. I was so proud of him. I always wanted to marry a rock star, I tend to forget how talented he is.

I hooked up Logan with the bag you see here. This bag was a diamond in the rough that Kenton found at one of our beloved thrift store sales. I wasn't feelin' the bag, but knew just the girl who would.... Ms. Logan. She threw her bible in it right away and toted it all night. Looks good with her eyes don't you think?

Much to our surprise and enjoyment, Reid came and stuck his nose into our night. We haven't enjoyed Reid at Arise in quite some time and everyone was so glad to see him. (I asked Kenton to hold the camera and not take dumb pics... this is what I found later, thanks to Reid too.)

Check out Maria's new do. It's not a great pic, 'cause Jamie was messin' around (Thanks a lot!) :) But isn't her hair cute?

Today, I write that and realize it's actually tomorrow by now, but either way, May 17th is Robert Eriksons birthday and he was surprised that a startled plea for help from Kenton would lead to his silly string demise. There's nothing better than waiting in a urinal stall to take pictures of this event, let me tell you, I'm so dedicated to this ministry!

Like always, the night isn't complete without some good conversation with great friends. Duane and I got to play a little dress up. I got to say it really burns me when he looks better in my things than I do!
Okay, when you find yourself dozing off during picture uploads, you know you really need to go to bed. Sorry for the funky blog. I'll do better tomorrow.
Here's a teaser, we're getting IPod Nano's tomorrow........................ until then, HANSEN OUT!


  1. Whoa! For clarification sake, the picture of Maria isn't "great" because it's blurry, not because Maria doesn't look great, she always looks great. Just to make that perfectly clear. I kinda sounded like a snob otherwise.

  2. Yeah thanks Lacy, it is not like I have a self confidence issue or anything. And I thought that we were friends, like really good friends. But I guess if we really are good friends than you can tell me the truth, next time just do it to my face, not on your blog for everyone to read, ok?

  3. Lacy, where does Judah go to school? Also, I can't believe I missed the silly string attach! Sometimes leading students closer to Jesus comes first. Ha, ha:)

    Maria, you look great in that picture! I don't care what Lacy says.

  4. Judah goes to Asbury's Mom's Day Out on Wednesdays. He only has one more day left though. He's been going there since he was six months old, but it's time for a change. He will return for Pre-School when he's three though. It's cool, I actually went to pre-school there when I was little.

  5. well i guess i missed a lot at Arise...
    rgug... why does my brother have to have his graduation on wensday..., when it was bobby's b-day, and maria got her hair cut...

    and now i have to work at the Hansens Sat. @ 9:00

  6. ohh mann. you have no idea how boring school is when it's almost out. none of the teachers are prepared to grade or reassign anything... so i just got on the computer and put pictures of friends on there. but the title... yeah that had nothing to do with anything either. sorry to get your face in a cramp.

  7. Looks like alot of fun. Silly string has that effect on people.

    Oh, and Maria, if you think what she says on THIS blog is bad, wait till you see what she writes about you on her OTHER blog. I mean, come made me blush!

    That Lacy...she's just making up for being nice all those years...