Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Travis and Jennette's Baby

The visionary baby, Arise, that was birthed out of the hearts of Travis and Jennette Ross has been trustingly handed over to a new family. Here are a few pictures from tonight. We thought the Ross' would like to see how their baby is doing and to those of you who have had a hand in (one way or another) the rearing of this child might enjoy a look see too.

Your baby is doing great, but we all still miss you!


  1. Wow. An entire blog all to us. We are honored. However, I assure you that we left our "baby" in very capable and good hands. Thanks for the update. James called me earlier today and told me Arise was starting it's discipleship track. I'm so excited to hear the testimonies of how that changes kid's lives. Blessings to you all!

  2. The pics from 'old room 11" or room 7 are from the end trailings of the first class, Im not sure the outcome, but there were like 15-20 students, which is great for a first go around.

  3. I just finished feeding our latest baby and enjoyed looking at your pics. Gosh, it makes me miss everyone. I especially liked the picture of Stephanie with all the girls.

  4. Anonymous6:58 PM CDT

    yes i finally look good in a picture (good job lacy)

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  6. Anonymous5:24 PM CDT

    hey lacy~ i like the picture of us girls! good job:)~taya

  7. Anonymous10:41 PM CDT

    It's so awesome that you are doing this. I started "Mommy Memories" for Norah, but haven't written in the journal since January.....


  8. This is so fun! I really enjoyed the pics Lacy. Jeanette, I miss you. I am glad that you guys can see some of the things going on at Arise. The discipleship that God is beginning is awesome! It is so wonderful to be a part of God's heart for teenagers. I love you girls!