Sunday, May 14, 2006

Our Jam Packed Weekend

While it may not be exciting, the Hansen lifestyle is always busy! Here's a quick run down of our past 48 hours. So, Kenton couldn't contain his excitement about my mother's day gift and handed me the beautiful package you see above on Saturday afternoon. I opened it up and was shocked to find a new camera!
Kenton knew I didn't like carrying around my big and bulky camera, when holding Judah's hand is typically more than I can manage. So he found me this sweet pocket size FUJI, that I love! FUJI is my favorite! (FUJI is to Lacy as Apple is to Ty) Kenton knew that I would enjoy using my gift throughout our busy weekend and he was right on for giving it to me prematurely.
As soon as the all
the proper memory cards and accessories were purchased, we were off to Judah's school carnival. It was just enough fun for Judah and just boring enough for us that one loop around the games and an amazing feet of courage on the inflatable (courage on mine and Judah's part) was sufficient.

We checked in at our Chipotle for lunch. I say ours because it is just that. We frequent this place so often, that they won't let us pay for Judah. They say he's too cute for them to charge. If one of us goes without Judah, the first question we hear when walking in is, "where's the baby?" (I realize what we ate for lunch is just extra info, but come on I got a new camera, I had to snap every shot possible!)
Quickly, we retreated home to get fast to work on the mother's day gifts. Seeing as, between us we have three mothers, six grandmothers, and one amazing Great Aunt Faye, we had some serious work to do. Judah was on the job of coloring cups and placing stickers on them to give a more personal feel to the flowers we gave to everyone.
While he was working and I was taking way too many pictures, I snapped this one and my heart stopped. Look at how amazingly beautiful our son is. I'll just let you all pause and marvel in the cuteness that is Judah..................... go ahead take your time......... really let it soak in............................ one more minute......................................
OKAY! It's time to move on. Well, maybe just one more look, alright!
Judah was pooped and probably poopy for that matter and he crashed very early on Saturday night. I got a chance to hang out with adults. Not just adults, but girl adults. I think that makes them women.
Maria Marshall, Jamie Berryman, and I went and spent our husbands money and had a blast! Kenton got a great night too, he had a sleeping kid and no wife to say, "will you please turn Halo off and come talk about your feelings with me?" So, all in all it was an enjoyable time for everyone.

THEN COMES TODAY! Ever have a day that makes you feel like this?............

Well, when your entire family lives in this city, you find that these holidays can keep you on the run. So, here we go!

We headed to church where I met up with my mom and we exchanged love and flowers. Then we were off to the east side to wish Carla or "Nana" and Grandma Thelma a happy mother's day. Joining us later was the matriarch of the Hansen family, Great Aunt Faye, or as Judah says, "Aunt Face." With many goodbyes to all of our family, we were back off to the south side to greet Grandma Pearl with some flowers. We came at he wrong time and she was napping in her nursing home room. So, Kenton insisted we snap a pic of snoozing Pearl. She would hate this, but it was our day, so we'll include it.

Then off again to the far west side to meet up with Kenton's mother or "MeMe." We managed another quick stop out west to pick up a gift from my parents. (Thanks for the tomato plant and herb garden, I love it!) and let Judah eat his favorite treat that his Mr. Randy picked up, a fruit and yogurt parfait, or "barfay" as he calls it.

We continued back east with home in mind, stopped at Grandma Carlile's house, she was gone so we left some flowers and kept pressing on. Our last stop was in sight. My best friend Lindsay just gained the keys to her very first apartment and tomorrow is her 24th birthday. So we double dutied it and wished her a happy birthday and peeked at her sweet new pad. Judah was stoked to see the pool from her balcony!

We said our goodbyes and got into the car and knew that this day was done. We had survived this joyus, and busy, Mother's Day 2006.

OKAY, if you went through all that, you are truly our friends. I promise, I'll slow down on the pictures, but my camera is so cool, you couldn't have stopped either!

Happy Mother's Day to All and to All a Goodnight!


  1. I also got a great coffee bean grinder from Keith and Carla.... I'm so excited for some fresh coffee! Just what I need, more caffeine!

  2. Wow...crazy day. What model is your new camera? Ours is starting to have some gremlins so it may be time for an upgrade!

  3. FUJI FinePix Z1..... it's gremlin free!

  4. let me just tell you that you are a good picture taker...
    my mom will ask you to take pictures of my brother, for his graduation party/pictures...

  5. I feel like I need a nap just from reading about your busy day! I'd say more, but Taite and Trinity suddenly got real quite...that's never a good sign.

  6. Hi Lindsay....if you're reading this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    (sorry to pimp out your blog Lacy)

  7. Do you guys go that many places every holiday?! Both of our families are in town as well but we don't actually see them all. Just our parents and that is time consuming. I would admit to say, you are just better relatives than we are. I am not too sad though, that can't be a good thing. Happy picture taking!