Saturday, May 06, 2006

Wet May Flowers

Merry Cinco de Mayo! Or Seis de Mayo as the calendar reads! Last night was a leaders meeting for Arise. Due to the fact that is was the fifth of May, we went south of the border style and dressed for the occasion. The food was a plenty and the meeting was meaningful. Here it is 8:30 am and I'm still tasting the cilantro! Sorry I don't have more pictures, I asked Kenton to take some pictures while I got Judah a plate of food, and in his defense, he did. However, they were mostly pictures of him taking pictures of Duane, taking pictures of Paul. Not exactly the motivation I had in mind, but there you have it. So to those of you, myself included, who were there but not pictured here..... blame KENTON...or Duane?..... or Paul.? I guess. But nevertheless..... It was fun and tasty!

BUT! On to today. Today Kenton and I are attempting to have our very first garage sale. Seeing as it's peek sale time and I'm in here blogging, might be a good indicator that things aren't exactly hoppin'. Mother Nature has gotten her calendar messed up lately. The showers are supposed to be in April and today we are supposed to be smelling flowers, but that's not the case. I just peeked out the window and saw that our first sale arrived. I hope this is a good sign that more is to come. This early bird did leave with one of our "good" items and I had to fight back a little tear as they shoved a blue and white bassinet into the backseat of their car. My baby boy slept many a night in that little bed. It was just the perfect height to be align with our bed. I recalled the first morning at home with him. I rolled over and just met his face with the first realization that he was ours and life really never would be the same. Judah stayed in that bassinet for way too long, but when BTK broke back into the news I was too frightened to have him sleep anywhere but right by our bed. It's so funny how possessions hold so much significance. I can only hope this couple will have many great experiences with the bassinet as well.

As we were digging through our things for pricing, I kept stopping and recalling the story behind each item. That's probably why we were up until 2am! I thought I'd share a few of these "stories" with you.

This green sweater was an appropriate choice for wearing on St. Patrick's Day. Which is exactly what I did on March 17, 2000. Why do I remember that? Because on that particular Irish holiday, I was at friend's house and he asked me to go answer the door and I opened the door and found a new face I'd never seen before. A face that was adorned with a huge mop of curly hair and he said his name was, "Kitten?" oh, no "KENton." Little did I know I'd be his wife in less than three years.

Nothing too extrodinary. I love blue and I love stripes, perfect combo for me. This was great clearance find at Target. It was a perfect fit for Sunday mornings when we were on the worship team. One particular Sunday morning I put this on, right after I saw two pink lines on a pregnancy test. It was a cold day in February. It snowed that day. The city was covered with inches of powder and Kenton and I knew life would never, ever be the same.

Blue again? Yep. My mom knew that blue was a color I would probably wear anything in. She gave these conservative pajamas to me on my 22nd birthday. We moved into our new house that day. We had to move because one month and one day later, Judah Owen Hansen was born. My mom gave these to me to wear at the hospital. I did too. As soon as the nurse said I could give up the lovely gown, I was determined to make these PJ's fit. They were a little snug, but they were the first "civilian" clothes I wore as Judah's mommy.

Since I was little, I've always gotten a new outfit for Easter Sunday. Thankfully, I no longer have a miniature version of my big sister's dress and a hat to match. So last year when I was on the hunt, I finally found a skirt that fit at Kohl's. As you can see it's a cute skirt, but now it's a too big skirt. Last spring was a turning point in both mine and Kenton's lives. Not only did we trudge through hell to fight our personal demons that had nearly ended us, we resolved to get healthy and get rid of all our extra weight. It's amazing what a year can hold. What can change in a year. What can be lost and gained. I'm so thankful to have lost the weight, but more thankful to have lost the burden that sin's yoke brings. I love that this "too big" skirt reminds me that Jesus' burden is light and his yoke is easy. Hallelujah!

Reflecting is wonderful, but now it's time to move on! So if you're reading this and it's Saturday, please come and buy our stuff! We really don't want to pack it up again! :)
Love you all!


  1. Sorry Lacy, but I'm probably not going to make it to the sale. Plus I doubt I'd fit into that pink skirt. I didn't have quite the year of transformation that you had. It was more of a year of relocation. Hence the "not coming" thing. :-)

  2. pretty sure that my mom had the same green and blue-striped sweaters you showed above. it's also cool that two girls in my class at school and one younger girl has that exact same salmon pinky skull tshirt. but it looks best on you. oh btw, i updated. =P

  3. I'd love to pick through all your great clothes....ahhh, the drepressing realization sinks in...I have moved along with Travis. Too bad, I could fit into that cute pink skirt, thanks to Jaden and my husband's love of late night ice cream indulgences. I blame it on him because it's easier.

  4. ohh my goodness. i totally forgot. i really am sorry!!!
    glad to know that you approve though. haha. i'll call you later.
    love you!

  5. LACY! how's it going? well i found your blog thing so you know where mine is. one do you subscribe or whatever?