Saturday, May 20, 2006

Thanksgiving, Fountains, Window Washing, Surgery, and Creation

Crazy title? What do they all have in common? Let me tell you. We pride ourselves on providing a plethora of experiences. The last two days have done just that.
(Here we go, a listy blog again, hold on, I'll try and make it fun.)
Friday morning is playgroup like always, but how many of you have your Great Great Aunt come to join in the fun? Judah does. "Aunt Face" or Faye delighted us with her presence and gave Judah a chance to show off his sweet playing skills. Rice tables are always better when an Aunt is there anyway! The best part of this day was when Judah cooked an enormous meal to share with Faye and would not let them progress until they prayed. "Hold my hands," said Judah before he continued with, "Tank cu Desus for bood." Most rewarding moment of the week, he really made me think that we might have done something right. And all the credit goes to Desus, or Jesus.
Friday night, Kenton and I decided to take Judah to the River Festival and let him have a fun night out with Mommy and Daddy. Every year we give it a chance, and think that maybe it'll be different this time. Did you know that makes us literally insane? Yes, if you continue to do the same thing and expect a different result, you are by definition crazy. We'll this college grad knows that but can't recognize it in her own life. So, we trudged through the masses and found a few little pearls of fun. Judah's 2 so he's a lot easier to please. Walking in the fountains with Daddy is probably one of the best things he could imagine, so he was pleased with his Riverfest experience. We sucked up the stinky crowds and over priced heart attack food, and let ourselves go crazy again.
Besides, hotair balloons are cool enough that it makes all bad things just drift away.

Today we had two students from church come over and work for camp tuition. Sara and Perry were our rented students and they got the glamorous job of cleaning our windows. This was a job I've wanted done since we moved in two and a half years ago. And in that time it has only gotten worse!
As you can see it was a nasty mess!
They really had to force these smiles, I'm sure. But as you can see, they did a great job! Thanks girls. Poor Perry, spent her 14th Birthday cleaning our house!

As the girls were cleaning out our windows Kenton and I discovered another mess that needed attention STAT! Our darling Judah always likes to keep us on our toes, and today was no different. I thought he just had a giant boogie bothering him and causing him to dig extra hard this morning. But it was actually the bitten off end to his sippy cup straw. With much forced calmness and forced restraint, we were successful in extracting the plastic addition, but it was not pretty. Here's the scalpel and the remains....... geesh! What next?

After the house was beautiful and all our noses were dry and straw free, we took took our creative little monkey to the Art Museum for Family Artventure. Today was printmaking day and we had a blast. Kenton and I took printmaking together in college and this "kiddy" version got us all excited to be elbow deep in ink all over again. Judah's masterpieces were showstoppers and we quickly realized, we've lost a little touch with our creative sides, but he is thriving.

I think we missed the trick to being a successful printmaker, it's all in the tongue!

Love you all!


  1. I love the program you have Judah going to at the museum. How fun.

  2. It's so amazing. And it's FREE! Wish I had found it sooner.