Saturday, May 13, 2006

We saw it.... and then it was gone!

For the first time in my life, I was at the Sundown Parade from start to finish! I took so many pictures. Great pictures! Images of our son clapping, dancing,and cheering for the firemen. These were pictures that would have lasted a lifetime. We would have been able to look back at these for years to come and just marvel in the wonderful time we had. I captured great shots of our wonderful friends the Marshall's as they watched their first Sundown Parade. How precious were the scenes of infant and mother soaking up the fun in the community. I'm telling you I was so proud of these snapshots. So why don't I share them with you? Very good question.
Seeing as I have moron tendencies, I deleted them this morning when I was starting to upload them. The guy at Comp USA said that you can't recover info on a CF card, so all hope is lost. I will share the newspapers images with you and hope I have learned from my mistake. Always double check before you click yes to delete!
If you have amazing zoom and a vivid imagination you can see us all up on the hill, that's where we watched from.
Pictures or no pictures, it was still fun, and we will treasure the memories in our hearts forever!


  1. i was i the marching band that was there...
    i guess you guys didn't see me!?!?!
    but if you were with the Marshell, and they saw me, how didn't you see me...

  2. I saw you, I even took your picture, but it was erased :(