Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My Obsolete Vernacular

"Do you want to get out with me?" Is the question I clearly asked my friend Rick, while swimming in a church family's pool. Every night after Sunday service, me and my other 15 year old friends would go to the Carnahan's swimming pool to enjoy our summer. So when Rick took way too long to answer my simple question, I thought little of it and when the long pondered, "okay" was returned, we got out of the pool and that was that. But little did I know, he wasn't really that puzzled over whether getting out or staying in was the right move, he was thinking over whether he wanted to be in a relationship with me. You see, Rick heard, "Do you want to go out with me?" Which in this era meant "do you want to be my boyfriend?" Long story short, a few days later I was confronted by another friend about why I was "playin'" Rick and the whole embarrassing story unfolded. Years later Rick reminded me of this great story and I will recall it now and then when certain things trigger it.
Today it was triggered, and I could barely contain my laughter. Language can be so tricky and when not used in the most proper ways it can lead one down a totally different path than intended. Let's just say I've got this friend from forever ago and today we were able to clear up yet another mis-understanding that was almost soley based on language confusion. (I think that this "mis-understanding" now sends our tally up into the millions, needless to say we've had a few moments like this in our past.) It all worked out well and since we are no longer teenagers, we were able to wrap it up much quicker.

We had several good laughs (especially over the possible over-looked meanings of the word, "cool") and I hope you all are having one now over this picture. There are much worse ones, but I thought a visual of 16 year old me and my old friend Ty would be nice to really allow you to dive deeper into my story, also I threatened him I would do it for giving me a hard time about all the pictures I post of Judah..... Don't test me, I mean what I say, even if it means I have to go down with it and show off my lovely braces!

All this nostalgia is great but the better outcome of all these memories is that I was really challenged to be sure I was always seizing all opportunities to say what I really meant. This eliminates regret or unfulfillment and even embarrassment. It also allows you to have a transparent relationship with those around you and hopefully they will see you for who you are, and my prayer is that Christ is truly the center of who you are. Even more so, I pray that his love would prevail and those around you would know his love because of your heartfelt dealings with them.

I should have been more honest today. I held back and I didn't say what I meant when I had the chance. My co-worker and friend, Donna had her last day with us because her and her husband have gotten an amazing opportunity to move to England for a year and a half. She's been an amazing friend to me over this past year and she's been so incredible to Judah. I know she was the only reason I enjoyed work most days, and I should have told her more about that. Mostly, I should have given her a hug when she left and not been so chicken to look sad in front of her. Hopefully, she'll read this and know that I'm really gonna miss her, and Judah will too. He didn't hold back when he told her he loved her or when he prayed for her tonight and asked Jesus "help Donna be safe on trip."

I really do see the need to be much clearer when I'm dealing with people, you never know what they'll hear.

G-o-o-d- N-i-g-h-t-!


  1. Wow, Lacy. That's about the coolest pic in the universe. I'm glad you don't have any of me from those days. I'll bet that was probably taken right around the time I met you all. Time flies.

    I really think these blogs can be a great way to express yourself. I've certainly enjoyed both writing and reading them. You certainly have a great way with the written word, even when it's misunderstood. I'm, however, so shallow that I post about my wife baking bread and me getting a cool car. Oh least I'm not holding anything back!

  2. Anonymous3:27 PM CDT

    Travis I think you are holding back. You are, by far, more shallow than you have shown so far.


  3. Anonymous3:27 PM CDT


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  4. Lacy, just the title of your blog is more exciting than most of my ramblings. I had to look up "vernacular" just to make sure I knew what it meant. That college degree is sure paying off.