Thursday, June 01, 2006

Man it's hard to come up with witty titles when you're sick!

Thanks to Nana, Judah and his uncles, Jon and Jed, got to play at Exploration Place on Tuesday afternoon. It was a perfect place to hang out while God dumped over three inches of rain on the city. We got to watch Dave Freeman interrupt TV viewers with his live severe weather reports. So if you were watching KSN and thought you heard Judah's voice in the background, you did.

Judah is already breaking hearts at his tender age of two! (He loved pulling the model heart apart and trying to put it in the open heart patient)

The Castle is a favorite for kids of all ages. Judah loved the castle kitchen, go figure! His Uncle Jedidiah isn't too cool to play along either! He had Just as much fun as Judah! Uncle Jon was MIA, creating a chalk masterpiece most of the day.
You know, you try all you can but it can be so dang difficult to keep your kids from getting into pot! HA!
Thanks again Nana for the tickets! We had a great day!

On another very important note, Today is my dad's birthday! I don't think anyone could wish him a happy birthday better than my nephew, Landon. So in keeping with his sentiment: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. RANDY!

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  1. That castle is the best! I can imagine how much more cool it is for the youngsters (you know Judah and them.)