Monday, June 05, 2006

Busy Beavers

Per usual, it's busy around here. The funny thing is that when we're not busy, we are lost. We complain about not wanting to be so busy, but when we get what we want, we are so quick to blurt out: "What is there to do?" Oh, silly us. When will we ever learn to just be still?
Maybe it's just not our personality?
Either way, check out what we've been up to.
Friday night was an accidental "cheap-date night." When we found ourselves with nothing to do and feeling like we needed to fill the time we ended up at Bradley Fair with intentions of just walking around the lake and seeing the ducks.

A major bonus was that these ducks are so used to being fed by humans that they come for grass in your hand! Cheap fun!

We discovered that if you spin it just right, you can roll an entire entertaining evening into a walk around the entire shopping center.

For "dinner" you can go to Green Acres Market for all of their amazing (and organic, mind you.) samples. We enjoyed a nice assortment of natural candies and a cracker party mix.

For entertainment, you can stand outside the patio of Ya Ya's and see the backs of the musicians performing, but get the same sound. Plus, from this angle, you can see the high class ladies dancing after a little too much wine! Double the entertainment!!

Next, you can stop in at Bath and Body Works for your "Aromatherapy." Or sample the free lip gloss, you see it your way, I'll see it mine. Finally you can end the stroll with a nice romantic pause at the fountain. My date was quite cute don't you think?

And when your date's had enough, the car is close and you can get him straight to bed.

After the much needed rest, Saturday morning greeted us with our first opportunity to go swimming this season. Judah's Meme has a neighborhood pool and we were ready to give it a whirl.

Unfortunately, the water was freezing. We did our best to make it last but when Judah was purple and his teeth were chattering, I thought maybe "fun" time was over.

Besides, we could all really stand to work on our tans before blinding others with our glowing skin!

We ended our cold swimming time and headed out to see my parents take their fourth victory in a Mustang car show.

When I was a child, I loved my new boxes of crayons. While I loved to make great pictures, I hated ruining my perfect, unblemished box of twenty-four fresh Crayola crayons. Why? I don't know, it was just my thing. As I walked through the rows of Ford powered cars on Saturday, I realized that keeping his cars as perfect and unblemished as possible was my Dad's "thing." Sure, the car has a function just as my crayons did, but man you hate to ruin the perfect condition. So, while keeping my car pristine isn't my bag, I get it now. And it's no surprise that I really didn't get it before. My parents deservingly took home another first place prize for the "Daily Driver" category. Congratulations!

Nothing like your great 'ol Uncle Reido, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie, and staying up late to make a Saturday night complete! Reid was very awesome to come and play with Judah so Kenton and I could go out on Saturday.

Funny bit of info. I haven't dried my hair since Easter Sunday. Why? Because of blogging. I've been so excited to share with you all or see what you've been up to, that I've sacrificed my morning ritual of drying my hair, to check in with you all. Am I a dork or what? But either way, I decided that Saturday night I was going to dry my hair and much to my surprise, my hair has gotten SO long. Check it out. I don't think I've ever had hair this long!

And yes, that's a Napoleon Dynamite poster on our bedroom door. Sounds par for the course, right? Just another two dorks in love.

Judah's Aunt Tara and Uncle Scott came and played with us on Sunday afternoon. Judah has got the hook ups with these two! They both will be official doctors before you know it. Scott will earn his PhD in mathematics this summer and Tara is completing here third year in medical school this summer. We are so proud of them!

Finally, comes today! If you live near this city, you've gotta check out The Great Plains Nature Center! They have the greatest FREE programs for kids! Today was Creature Feature and the kids helped create a wetlands habitat. Isn't Judah the cutest duck you've ever seen? Uncle Jed was a slider turtle (notice the red on his ears) and Uncle Jon was a snake. We thought he might have been a sith lord at first, but the naturalist cleared that up for us.

We got to end the event by going out in to the real wetland habitat and seeing all the creatures we just learned about. The boys fed ducks, turtles, and fish. We didn't see any snakes or sith lords. Maybe next time.


  1. lacy jaye! it is i. the whitman. it is so good to see your happy face and pictures of your lovely boys. i hope all is well. you have always been a truly wonderful friend to me. i'm sad that we've lost touch. email me, as i am probably deleting my "blog" soon. i love you deary!

  2. Ahh Lacy, you inspire me to be more creative with my boys and find things to do during the day.It's amazing all the things you do wiht Judah. You are also very good at blogging. I'm still trying to figure it out. Hey by the way damien loves being able to look at picture of his friend Judah during the week! Keep up the good work!!

  3. Lacy, I didn't know you knew Rachel Whitman. We grew up for a short time together in Hillsboro at the Vineyard there. Then they moved to Wichita and lead at the Vineyard there. I posted a comment on her blog to see if she remembered me. Anyway, I do have a comment to Kenton, either get some sunglasses or get the piece of lint out of your eyes. You don't look comfortable.

    I have been to the Nature Center many times with the kids I used to work with. It is an extremely fun and cheap thing to do. Also, I just got back from the Bradley Fair shopping center and it is a fun and cheap thing to do as well. How do you like my descriptive language. College degree baby!