Friday, June 02, 2006

Living The life About 700 Feet Above Sea Level

We got the great pleasure of witnessing some ear popping these last few days! Travis climbed down from their peak in Colorado Springs. He descended from exactly 38 degrees and 49' north to our coordinates of 104 degrees and 52' west. Or 6008 feet above sea level to 700 feet or so. It was so fun to be cracking whispered jokes during church, (I mean No we never do that), laughing at the always funny, "tapped you on the wrong shoulder and made you look" humor, and best of all sharing our lives with each other over a lunch today. I know I can speak for my whole family when I say , we really miss you guys. It's incredible to know that no time zone can change what amazing friends we have found. Thanks for the encouragement and the constant friendship. Hold on Jennette! We're planning our trip out soon!

In the meantime, these hugs were meant to be distributed to all of you! Love you so much!

Another great thing that happened today was that Daddy got to join us for storytime! Today is the monthly meeting of "Babes and Books." This has been Kenton's first week of being self-employed. He's done quite well this week alone and we're so proud of him. One of the reasons he took this job was so he could be more a part of Judah's early years. A choice that will bless Judah for years to come. So Daddy got to get down and dirty with us and have some real fun. It was such a joy to just sit back and take it all in! Judah really liked building the octopus or "okapuses."

After our lunch with Travis, I was searching for something to do with all three of the boys. If you didn't figure it out, we have inherited Kenton's little brother's Jonathan (11) and Jedidiah(9). They have come to spend their summer days with us once again. Summer afternoons can drag on forever when you have bored kids. So when I heard "Fun for the whole family." On a TV commercial, I got the wild hair to take the boys out to Beck's Farm and enjoy this "Fun" they spoke of.
Well, I don't know what they do out in Newton for fun but Beck's farm was a bust! I thought we could pick our own peaches out in the orchid and enjoy fruit fresh from the vines.

No. You can't.
But never fear, they will let you drive all the way out to Newton, select from their three choices, and pay ten dollars for a small bag of peaches!
Needless to say, I had a significant learning experience today.
Well, Judah loved the playground and the peaches were really tasty!

Awe.... and there's nothing to end a trip that's a bust better than nearly getting busted!

Who doesn't love the woozy feeling they get when they see these flashing behind them?

As my son's laughing at the "funny cowboy man" and my brothers-in-law are maturely chiming in with their "ooooooooo Lacy," I'm just glad that I'm getting just a warning for not having a left mirror. Maybe now Kenton will see that it's important to get that thing ordered after he knocked it off three years ago.

So, I guess you can say we all had some significant learning experiences today.


  1. so yea i reakky don't know what to say other than that i read your Post

    and that Judah and Travis is really cute.


    That was a funny picture of the police car out of the review mirror. I love the photo documentation you create. It's so fun. I promise we'll update our blog's been a crazy few weeks!

    And thank for the kind words. I really enjoyed seeing everyone. We can't wait for your trip out to see us! Blessings!

  3. It was good to see Travis. But without Jennette and the kids it seems as though I don't get all of the Ross' craving out of my system.

    "The Funny Cowboy Man". I love it. That is great, Judah! Yeah, Kenton I think that is a sign to get that mirror fixed.

    I love you guys!