Saturday, April 22, 2006

Walked to the Marshall's

So Have you met the Marshall's? Or how about the Berryman's? Well, if you haven't, you need to. Duane and Maria Marshall graciously opened their home to us on Friday for a BBQ with friends and family. Since their move here from Ohio about three years ago they have infiltrated the whole church and made everyone love them. The Berryman's have been in this city longer, but have just as rapidly won over everyone at church and forced Kenton and I further down the cool totem pole. But to continue about our evening........................
Thanks to Duane, and his Coleman grill (Which he may have designed? Did I mention he is an Industrial Designer for the Coleman Company) we were treated to a sweet buffet of grilled meats and lots of other good stuff care of Maria.(The chicken was incredible!) So I'm sure it's incredibly stimulating hearing about out menu, but I'm a little hungry as I write this and I wish I had some of that chicken.
I got the opportunity to meet Duane's sister, Leah, who is visiting from Ohio. She came to meet her niece, Annie for the first time. Who by the way might be the best baby ever. Seriously Maria, does she ever cry? How do you get her to be so quiet? All in all it was great time. I love these friends, and Kenton and I both are so thankful to have made them. Duane immediately swooped in and became Kenton's brother when he needed a swift kick in the pants (or when he still does for that matter). Maria is the softest and most considerate friend I can recall, who at the drop of a hat has been there for us time and time again. While we are still getting to know Paul and Jamie, it's been so refreshing to be around Jamie's honesty. I never have to wonder what she thinks, because she's brave enough just to tell me, and I love it! Plus, I know she won't judge me when I open my fifth Diet Dr. Pepper in a row. (THANKS!) And then there comes Paul. We both love that he always seems so genuinely interested in what we have to say. Now maybe it's all an act, but it works either way. So to you all who haven't met the Marshall's or the Berryman's, there's my brief intro. So just as quickly as I felt cool to know them, I'm sure you all will jump ahead of us in line to be their friends, and once again, we will reside at the bottom of the cool totem pole.
As the night ended, we borrowed the Duane Marshall Original Coleman Lantern, and trucked on home. As you can see by the above picture, Judah was a little cranky. He had a big night of trying to convince all the girls to play like a boy, poor little man, he wasn't too successful. He was outnumbered 5 to 1. (Jena, Paige, and Annie Marshall & Payge and Katelyn Berryman) Hopefully those odds will work for him one day.
Seeing as this blog adventure was started because we wanted to keep up with the Ross', it feels wrong not mention them in our list of friends whom we love. So just to be sure they know it, we include them in out list of people you should get to know too. You can catch up with them at
My life has been overpowered by children's movies and books, but I always manage to pull out great lessons that cross all age limits. One that comes to mind as I sit here and think about some of our great friends is the wisdom Buckwheat passes on to Alfalfa, when He and Spanky were at odds.
"All I know is you only make a once in a lifetime friend, once in a lifetime."
So to all our once in a lifetime friends (those not mentioned as well), Goodnight and thank you for your friendship!


  1. Wow, Lacy. Sounds like you guys had a fun night. It makes me miss everyone...of course we wouldn't have been invited, but you know....

    Oh and I love the picture of Judah. If you guys come out to visit, he'll have a boy to play with. It's actually funny because the one family that have young kids here also have 3 girls. So tell Judah that Taite feels his pain.

  2. you are so blogalicious! hey, it's ellen from KS. sister to dave. sitting in FL.

    but hey, I'm coming back to Wichita for the summer.

  3. Hey Ellen! I just added your address to my list TODAY! I got it off of Jennifer's Russia update email.... but you beat me to the punch and found us first! HEY!!! Coming back this summer? COOL!

  4. I didn't realize that people have so much fun without us around. I guess we have been missing out!