Tuesday, April 25, 2006

CARNAGE for Travis

You're right Travis.....

I could put these pictures into photoshop so all can enjoy the destruction. I know they aren't too impressive at this size, but a girl can only do so much. Sure to talk more soon!


  1. Now that's pretty cool...I'm likin' the carnage! Actually I'm glad I wasn't there. I woke up to SNOW! Not much, but a little dusting....not used to that in late April!

  2. Lacy...welcome to the world of a homeowner and now dealing with the insurance company. Hopefully it will be a hassle free experience. Hang on to those pics...they may be needed for evidence. Can you use
    Photoshop to make them appear bigger?

  3. my sister's car also had the windshield busted...

    nice... you can read about my adventures on my blog:


  4. whose car was that?! that's awful!!