Wednesday, April 19, 2006

TODAY is really Wednesday

So Kenton has Michael over around nine last night to do business stuff and I go to our room to watch the new episode of Scrubs on TiVo. I'm watching it, eating Pop Weavers Butter light popcorn (only 75 calories for a whole bag!) and the next thing I know I wake up and Kenton's getting into his PJ's, blocking the view of the TV. But instead of the episode of Scrubs shining through behind him, it's an infomercial about how to make lots of money fast or lose weight really fast or how to do something FAST. I look at the clock and it's 3am. Kenton has just finished fixing his baby, His computer. I swear he's going to go insane from lack of sleep. But either way his post gives off the illusion that we went to the park today WHEN IN FACT it was yesterday.
Yes, ladies and gents, lets be sure to clear up that life changing and spellbounding event. Because it's so crazy around the Hansen's house these days! We wouldn't want you readers to think we were at the park when we weren't!
But either way... I woke up at three and finished the episode with Kenton and enjoyed yet another bag of Pop Weavers Butter Light Popcorn (only 75 calories per bag, did I mention that?)

But on to real news..... Oh wait there is none. Not yet at least.
Some great things about this little adventure as a blogger is that I have caught up with at least three people I haven't seen or heard from in a long time. And the crazier thing is that they all know each other and even crazier, we all (Kenton and I included) went on a vacation together once.
So for my long lost friends Ty, Jessica, and Linette: Remember when we went to Grand Lake and stayed at Kenton's grandparent's house? I'll choose to remember the good stuff and not the fact that there was so much dramatic tension we could cut it with a knife :)
I really miss you all and I'm so glad to hear from you guys.

Well, there are no pics from this day so I'll leave one that has one of my new favorite people in it. I'd like to officially introduce you to my nephew. His name is Landon Scott Grattopp. He was born on November 22, 2005. He is one of the best things to have ever happened, EVER. He's got a beautiful bald head, a great smile, he smells like cologne all the time, and he has grunted like a little piggy since the day he was born. I Love him soooo much and I'm so happy to know him.
This pic is from the Museum of Natural History in OKC (his current hometown). My sister Kari treated Kenton, Judah and I to a day of exploring dinosaur fossils and lots of other cool things.

Okay all, forgive our boring stories, and thanks for letting us have our fun.
Love to all!

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