Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Nerdyness

So Lacy says to me, "We have a blog." And I thought, how do WE have a blog and I do not know about it?" So I stayed up too late and am re-installing windows on my sweet computer (thanks to Bill Gates and crappy drivers) and thinking, "man, I could be blogging right now." So here I am. Literally tens of people scanning random, borred, tired thoughts.

My day:

I think Michael and I came up with a logo for Thrive. Allyson and Lacy (and Judah, too, for that matter) sent us back to the drawing board.

Michael and I discovered just how much work we have to get the Thrive website the way we want it.

Judah and I flew his new easter kite in the park this evening. That was fun. He had a blast, then decided to run away in the park. Then I decided that I should chase him.

I realized that I need to get some sun on my legs.

I will try to come up with some more entertaining things to talk about at some time.

Here's one for starters:


  1. Wow, least post in your OWN name! Sheesh! Don't you know anything about blogging?

    As for the park, picture, very cute. Dad and son pics are really cool. Especially from the back...when they're holding hands...and they're in a park...

  2. Hey Travis!! Mind your own business!! Lacy told me this was OUR blog, and she did NOT mention that you are the boss of the world!!!