Saturday, April 29, 2006

Our Reflection

Today had a few noteworthy events, and I'd like to share them with you.
As you can see by the empty palmolive bottle, we ran out of dish soap today. Big deal right? Ah my friends that's where you are wrong! It is sorta a big deal. You see this specific palmolive bottle holds great significance to my life. This bottle was purchased nearly FOUR years ago by my gracious parents who wanted to help Kenton and I get our soon-to-be "newlywed home" clean. It was a Saturday in May and we had just gained the keys to our very first home away from home. As you can see it was a charming LITTLE place. Even though we didn't officially live there until after the wedding in July.
Now maybe this bottle symbolism is a stretch but it was a special moment for Kenton and I as we stepped back and realized just how much has happened since this soap (and other supplies, they didn't just give us a small bottle of soap, and wish us the best) was purchased. Yes, this bottle has seen alot, heard alot, and just been here for alot. (But obviously not been used alot.... come on! one little bottle lasting four years! So I guess you can see who eats out alot and "lets" the dishwasher give it's best shot.)

So, it's a little corny but it definitely set the tone for the day. It was a day where most of my family was reflecting. Today marks the one year anniversary of my Dad's dad's death. It's been said that it takes a year to mourn and then the healing can begin. Is it true? I don't know. I don't know that you can put time frames on these sort of things. But I could tell from the tone in my Grandma's voice that today was a day to mourn and I can only hope that healing comes in the morning. I do miss my Grandpa. I regret all the time I didn't get with him, and mostly I regret that I didn't know him more. But as God is always faithful to bring beauty from tragedy, that regret of not knowing my grandfather more has inspired me to know my own father more. I've been fortunate to learn more about him as of late and encouraged that we will only become closer as time goes by.

I know today was not easy for him. And I know that this event has had life changing impact on him. And once again, God was faithful to do his thing in the midst of it all and allow my Dad to hear his call, and welcomed my father back home.

I'm blessed to know that my Dad is seeking the Lord's face. I'm thankful that my years of prayers for us to get closer are now bearing fruit. I'm also so thankful that Judah will never know what it's like to not know his grandfather. Judah's "Mr. Randy" has been sure to be there for every event in his life.
As we ended a wonderful trip to Lowe's , where my parents took pitty on us and our storm damaged grill by purchasing us a sweet new one, Judah convinced his Mr. Randy to take him for multiple rides around the parking lot while he was laughing his head off.
It was an excellent way to wrap up this day. This day of reflection. This event gave us something good to replace the bad that has completely overshadowed it for the whole year.

Goodnight dear friends. Thank you for giving us a place to share how we feel. It's quite healing.


  1. Lacy,
    Glad to hear that you've finally cleaned enough stuff to go through an entire bottle of dishwashing soap. It makes me feel so much better about all the times we ate over at your house.

    On a serious note, I'm glad new memories can be made so easily. It's a blessing to be able to log them all so you can come back and see them later.

  2. It seriously only takes one drop for a whole sinkfull! I think?

  3. Anonymous3:07 PM CDT

    that is really cool, that one bottle could make it through 4 years...

  4. Anonymous9:13 AM CDT

    Wow Lacy-
    I must be a complete freak! I run my dishwasher once a day and easily go through a bottle twice that size a month! And I don't have Palmolive hands, are you too young for "Madge, I soaked in it?"
    I love you, you make me want to have a blog. -Maria.