Friday, April 28, 2006


Ahhh... TGIF! When I was much younger and the weekends promised little more than hanging out with my parents (which nerdy me enjoyed, better than having to make new friends), I had one little jingle running through my head all Friday afternoon. The exact words have escaped me but the tune clearly rings out to this day. This jingle was a promise that one of my most beloved of events was rapidly approaching.
"Come along, we're gonna have some fun, T G I F!"
Meant that yes! It was time for ABC's Friday night line up. Which included my favorite, "Full House", and the classic, "Family Matters" (Or "Urkle" as it became known as for the faithful).
I would sit and watch all two hours of shows every week and welcome the official start of the weekend!
As I sit and reflect on what that silly little jingle did for me, I'm sad that I don't have some sort of replacement to fill the seemingly long stretch of this gloomy, rainy, and cold afternoon. I can't sit and wonder if Uncle Jesse really will convince Becky to marry him, or if that crazy Danny will clean the cleaning supplies again, or if Urkle will ask once again, "Got any Cheese?"
But times have changed, and So must I. Afterall, Jon Stamos is divorced, Bob Saget has an incredibly dirty stand-up act, and with the flood of fad diets, NO ONE is eating cheese these days.
But, Nevertheless, Friday is here and that alone is way more exciting than it being Sunday night. However, it would be nice to know that every now and then I could KNOW what to expect from this so sacred of nights. But in these strange days the unexpected is the norm. When you make a vow to live forever with Kenton, and furthermore bear his son, life is everchanging. Not necessarily exciting, but in constant motion.
Here's a brief rundown of our day so far.
After waking to our alarm (who must have it out for us) an hour later than planned, we all rushed to get clean and presentable.
With a quick kiss and a "see you later" we we're parted for the morning.
The sun quickly disappeared and the rain began to fall, but Judah and I decided, playing with friends was worth the promised bad hair day.
We went to play with Mrs. Jan's playgroup. She had a great tub of grass grown for us to dig for bugs in.
After a few verses of "The Elephant Song," Itsy Bitsy Spider," and finally, "Teddy Bear," we were back out into the rain.
Watched The Wizard of Oz, played with dump trucks, and down for a nap. Regretably, I did not get to take part in the latter.

Pretty slow this afternoon.
Here's to hoping that something great is still to happen. Here's to believing that fun is just around the corner. Yet, as I sit here and see that the clock is quickly approaching that glorious 5:00 hour, I do feel that excitement rising up in me. What is this? It's the magical power of this wonderful week ending day. It's the hope of staying up late, the expectance of sleeping in, the mystery of the answer to: "What do you wannna do tonight?" Oh yes... it's what I thought I had lost, but no, it's still here, just in a new form. So what!, if there's no sitcom line-up to welcome the change, or a catchy little jingle to overplay in my head, I know what today is! AND I will gladly exclaim, "THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!"


  1. That post is awesome. This was so fun to read. I love you more than friday! TGFL!

  2. I always thought you hung out with us because we were cool! Always the last to know. TGIF... isn't that the new restaurant opening over by Super Target on Maize Road?

  3. Our weekends are the same, lacy. Except there is absolutely NO chance of sleeping in on Saturday. It's the pitter-patter of feet and the occasional crawling into bed with us that makes Saturday morning better than weekdays now.