Monday, April 24, 2006

One Hail of a Day

So one of the beauties of this state is the broad spectrum of weather conditions one "gets" to experience. Today the city was greeted with an early morning hail storm. It was so loud in our house during the brief but damaging storm. The hail at our house was golfball size. I quickly ran outside and took pictures of it, and I wish I was sharing those with you. I left my camera set to take pictures at 12 megapixels and this site won't except pictures that large. Therefore you all are left with aftermath pictures and images of the second round of storms that hit in the early evening. Kenton's windshield was cracked, the body of the Rodeo was pounded to a Swiss cheesy likeness, our wind damaged siding had now become hail damaged and smashed on the ground, and the neighborhood is a mess. Many car windows were smashed out and the whole block is adorned with makeshift covers for these mutilated cars. But other than that our day was normal.... Oh yeah that picture of me and Judah is him pointing to where, "the doctor stick you mommy," or I had blood taken. (not too relevant but funny pic)

One last thought on today. I love the changing power of God. Even a few years ago, a day like today would have sent me into a panic. I was terrified of storms my whole life. So much so that I used to make myself sick in grade school everytime the skies would turn gray. I managed to miss a ton a school during tornado season. It got so bad that one season I had to go to the hospital because I'd screwed my insides up so badly as a result of the worry. What was I really afraid of? I'm not sure. Just terrified that a tornado was coming to get me, I guess.

But as I sit here and yet another round is beginning to pound our house, I'm not phased. My heart's not racing, my stomach's not churning, and I'm not ready to race for shelter.

I think the closer I get to God, the further fears go away from me. Are violent storms still something to warrant fear in one's heart? Sure. But the thought of a life without the undeserving love of a gracious father, leaves me shaking in my boots.

May his sweet rain fall on you today.



  1. C'mon can resize a picture in Photoshop! I want to see CARNAGE!!!

    Oh, and we're...uh...glad you're alright and stuff...

  2. Hey Hansens! I'm glad you found my blog and of course I remember you Lacy. Wow, it's crazy to see a Kenton Jr. - Good to hear from you guys and I hope you are both doing well. Keep up the blogging (it's hard to stay faithful, as is demonstrated by my blog).