Thursday, April 27, 2006

A few days in the life

So, (Have you noticed that I almost always start these things with "So"?) It's been business as usual the last few days. As the storm passed the whole city was left with insurance claims awaiting adjustments. But in the meantime life goes on.
Wednesday night is Arise night. It has been Arise night since I was Lacy Carlile and will continue to be Arise night until Jesus comes (I can only assume). So in keeping with routine, we were at Arise from 6:30-9 ish. Nothing monumental. James introduced the students to who God is. It was fun, we got to open our feeble little brains to the amazing concepts of how God has just always been here, and that he can be here or there or anyway at all times, and that he doesn't operate on a clock like we can imagine. It's so amazing to know how vast God is, yet he's so personal that the creator of all things wants to just hang out with us and help us through life..... Okay, just try and take it in..... Let it sink in good.
But as the night ended we said our quick, late night Goodbye to friends, and Judah gave sweet baby Annie Marshall a goodnight kiss before we whisked off for home.
As the sun rose this morning and Kenton and I realized that we only had 30 minutes to get the whole family ready for the day, we were refreshed by the fact that the sun was indeed out and that meant one thing! We could both sport our sweet new sunglasses. (Thanks MOM!) We are complete dorks (as if you didn't know, but your reading a dork's blog, so what does that make you?) and we were wearing them until the sun was nearly down and it was probably too dark to be safely driving with them, but they are so choice, we couldn't resist.
Okay, so Travis gets a new car and we get glasses, but at least we LOOK cooler, right?

Okay, just another look at Annie...... Is she not so cute? She is the newest of the crop of Arise babies. She comes from a long line of little angels who have so graciously tagged along while their parents try to serve the students. One of the veteran babies is Mr. Taite Ross. The trooper had to endure a ton of teenage girls (myself included) fighting to get the next turn in line for holding priviledges. But thanks to Taite for paving the way. Because of all his hard work and cheek pinching tolerance, Arise has full time childcare. Okay...... back to today.

Our night ended with a Pajama Party at the library. Ms. Tracie, our beloved storyteller, taught our goofball a loud song that sings, "I'm not gonna go to sleep tonight!" But thankfully his memory is short lived and he is fast asleep right now.

Well, there you have it. Our unfasinating days. I was thoroughly depressed when I was trying to think of what to write. I was sad to know that I either had nothing to write about or that I had blogger's block. Maybe I'm just tired and I'll find something better for tomorrow. But nevertheless, I'm having so much fun putting words to our daily story. It's so amazing to see how much is simply forgotten in a days time, or a week's, or before you know it your child's whole year. So, even if our posts are lame I will write on. Hopefully you will keep reading. We love sharing our lives with you, and we'd love to share in yours!

Goodnight friends.


  1. Dang! I'm gonna take my car back and buy a pair of those sunglasses! They're flippin' SWEET!

    Lacy, I enjoy reading your blogs very, very much. Please keep it up! It helps us connect a little more with what's going on back there. I hope people continue to join blogspot - I saw Logan's blog yesterday! How cool is that??!! Now maybe we could get those darn Marshall kids to start one!

  2. Anonymous3:05 PM CDT

    finally, i can write you guys...
    anyway...i am loven your sunglasses...
    ~sara McElroy