Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Revenge Of The Parents

What's the line? You know the one Peter Parker was fed before he became Spiderman. "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility."
So, as parents we have power and we do our best to never hand it over and hopefully never abuse it either.
Sunday was Father's Day. We were in between events for Kenton and Judah had been doing his best not to be the self-centered, only child, 5 year old, that comes so naturally to him (And every other kid/human on the Earth). With a few minor setbacks, the day had gone pretty well. It was hot and we needed to run somewhere. He heard us mention that we were going to get a drink before we got to our next stop. Immediately he chimes in, "Well, can we at least go to Quick Trip, so I can get a root beer?"
When the assumed entitlement came in to play, Kenton and I quickly read each other's mind and took Judah for a nice long ride.
"No, Judah were going to get some water," said Kenton. "Yeah, from a water fountain," I added. Hearing his whine ramp up in the backseat just added more ammo to our irritated game.
Long story short, Kenton convinced Judah that he was a water fountain enthusiast
and hadn't seen the newest fountain installed in town. I picked up on the sarcastic game and played right along. I directed Kenton to the new "Double Bubbler" in town. I had run a new bike and running path a few days before and had noticed the new fountains installed. So eventually we had concocted this story that Judah was having such a hard time understanding. It lead us to stand out in the 100 degree weather, taking turns at the new fountain, and Kenton just boasting about how sharing this "double bubbler" drink with his son on Father's day was just a perfect way to celebrate. All the while Judah just kept looking so confused and saying, "I can't believe you're so happy about a water fountain." Why are you so excited Daddy?" "Are you serious?"
We held our composure and took several pictures to really play it up.
So, yes, we're total nerds. And, yes, we're horribly mean parents. However, I feel this ridiculous shenanigan is much healthier than the head ripping rant I felt like going on when that pattened whine started vamping up in the back seat.
So, given the choices, I think we were responsible with our power, maybe a little drunk with the power, but I think we knew when enough was enough.
Plus, after it was all over we went to QT, our original intention in the first place.

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  1. He'll just get his revenge by sticking us in a home.