Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One Good Shout Out Deserve's Another

I've gotten a new routine this summer. It's a schedule that causes me to need to be in bed early on Sunday and Tuesday nights. I've been meeting a few people for some early runs every Monday and Wednesday mornings. Early means, out the door and running by 5 AM. To many people that may not be early, to me it's way way way early. I was spoiled during the school year. I'd wake at 7AM and not run until 9:15 due to Judah's school schedule. So, I'm adjusting and hopefully getting use to it. I'm on week three or four and the 3:45 alarm isn't so shocking anymore.
This morning, I hit snooze for the last time and rolled out of bed. I've been going to sleep in my running clothes so I can cut down on stumbling around in the dark looking for things. I grabbed my socks, my Garmin, and my phone and wondered to the bathroom. Today I was greeted with a "better than Folgers in my cup moment."
There was a note taped just above the toilet paper roll (guess someone wanted to make sure I'd see it).
I read closer, "What?!!!" With excitement I read the news that Kenton had discovered. I had been chosen as Steve Runner's Blog of the Week! For those of you who don't know who Steve Runner is, well for starters, you should! However, he's a podcaster from Oxford, MA. He's got a great show that mostly focuses on running. He records a large portion of the show while he's on his run. I've been listening to him for several years now. He and I have informally gone on several runs together through the years. I love his podcast cast for many reasons, but one is that like my blog, it's not just about running, it's about life, the stuff that goes on when we're not running too. He's a great family man and I love it when he and his teenage son get into a round of banter. I also love that he runs for his son. I can relate completely to that. He has a goal of breaking 4 hours in a marathon and he speaks so passionately about how he needs to do that for his son. Those have been my words exactly. I needed to qualify for Boston, for my son. Judah needed to know anything was possible too.
So, be sure to check out his podcast, Phedippidations. It's free at iTunes. And check his website, or follow him on Twitter.
Some of my favorite episodes are when he records running the Boston Marathon. He gets invited as a guest runner most years and to hear the sounds and review of the course gets me all tingly as I prepare my self for the 2010 Boston Marathon. I can't wait to meet Steve when I get there!
Thanks Steve! In your words, "Run Long and Taper!"


  1. LOL! over the toilet paper!!! i love it :) wow 3:45 wake up call?! blahhhh. awesome about having a running group tho!! how did you find them?

  2. yeah, that is SUPER hardcore, waking up that early. i thought i was doing well to get up at 6a the past few mornings to attempt to run. how are you doing it in this humidity? it's killin' me :) and congrats on being featured blog!

  3. ha. yeah i was reading back in your posts and was thinking hmmmm... i wonder if that is the girl whose parents i met at the half. yep, katie is one of my good running buddies. AND i go to the eye dr. where your mom works. AND i live in college hill. AND we are at almost all the same races. creepy small world.

    i wish the humidity didn't kill me, but for some reason it does. it's like i can't BREATHE. ugh. and yeah, arkansas is FAR more humid. i'm doing a 5k down there, that should be interesting. it was an ugly race for me last year. i should be able to beat THAT time of 27:01 (ouch).

    again... funny small world. do you ever run down lewis st.? cause i see lots of runners there. it's my stompin' ground if you smell what i'm steppin' in ;)

  4. last thing, during the half last year i was there to cheer on preggo katie and our friend who was sick. we were quite the trio, because i was on crutches. we are ridiculous really. that is just pure dedication right there!

  5. uhhh yeah crazy small world. i've heard fables of this 'marathon' route from health strategies. i've considered doing that run many saturdays but am intimidated, i'm a slow poke, especially in the humidity. maybe i'll join soon. my schedule is nutty in the summer.

    my running pals and i have been trying to get our hands on that map for years, and it always seems to elude us!! we kind of do our own thing, usually at zoo park. but i like running in CH because it has 'hills'... if you can call them that.

    some nights we go to zoo park and do the 'hill of death' out there. ever done it? it's great training, and hard... and i heart it.

  6. It's a great feeling seeing your blog as Steve's Blog of the Week, huh? I felt the same way when he featured mine a couple of months ago. I was floored by it. I started to feel a little pressure to write something interesting. LOL.

  7. wow, i can't believe you are steve runner's blog of the week! that is so cool...phedip is one of my favorite running blogs (listened to it this morning as a matter of fact)...congrats!

    and, did you say you get up at 3:45am?? wow....

  8. That is so awesome Lacy! You're famous!