Monday, July 03, 2006

So Much Fun You Could Spit!

We've started a new habit around here. For the last two Saturdays we have been postponing "getting ready" in case there's something that comes along that would negate the shower/bath. Yeah, I know ground breaking news, but it's so not like us to leave the house with out trying to look our best. Kenton's so self conscience about his bed head he'll do his early morning lawn mowing with a winter beanie on. So, what does that all mean to you? Not much. Unless you like seeing what we spent our Saturday afternoon doing. We had fun hitting one of the "free" water parks in town. I say "free" because there is a price.... Especially if you're brave enough like we are to venture the the park at 17th and Hillside. But you know us, "we're loners, rebels, you don't want to get messed up with our sorts!" (Only true movie goers will get that whole bit.... any guesses?)
All that craziness to say we had fun, and we were so glad we didn't get ready, because we would've just had to do it again.

I know, you're so jealous of our tans! (Sheesh! Turn down the lights!)

Mommy was kinda a wuss and was not enjoying the freezing cold water, but Daddy and Judah were having a blast!

And it's all fun and games until a friendly little game of let's spit water on Mommy breaks out!

Judah's not too skilled at this game yet, he normally laughed so much on the way over, that he'd run out of water to spit.

It was a fun time, wish you all were there. You could have gotten spit on too!

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  1. How fun! It sure ain't easy bein you Lacy. All that spittin fun. That is my Park City accent coming out.