Monday, July 10, 2006

Happy Birthday America!

After the several questions of "why?" We were able to explain the 4th of July to Judah by telling him it was like a big birthday party for our country. When we went too deep for his two year old intellect by telling him that were celebrating our independence from the king, we just backed it up and let it be a big birthday party for now. Maybe next year we'll get into all that other stuff! Either way, we had a good time playing with all our fireworks. Judah purchased some on his own with his potty training money, but his Mr. Randy hooked him up with the rest. He really likes the chickens! Here's to all of our independence and hoping you and yours had a great holiday!


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  2. Looks like Kenton was having more fun than Judah. That's okay, you should have seen our family that night. Oh wait, you can. Check out some pictures on my blog of our risky fun. I really have fun with those tiny explosions.