Monday, July 24, 2006

Let's Ride!

As I sat outside with Judah and he picked one of many berries off the plants, he asked me, "did the birds paint this grape green?" I said, "No, God did." With amazement and searching he inquired, "God hangs out here!!??"
Yes, Judah he does. What a fun way to introduce Judah to the fact that yes, God hangs out everywhere. We furthered our discussion by explaining why we can't see him. That's a tricky one to convey to a two-year-old. We left it at an understanding that we can't see him, but we can feel him. So when the winds blows Judah goes, "There! There's God there."
This past week it has been so incredibly hot. Three days in a row it's been over 100 degrees by 11AM. Just to get our exercise in we have to rise as early as possible, however when it's 80 degrees at 5:45 AM, there's not much hope of a cool start. Judah's beloved walks to find "litebugs" have been pushed as late as possible, just to avoid the heat. We managed to wrangle up a few bugs, but even they were not very active this past week.

They're in there, but they weren't much up for posing for the camera!

After nearly 48 hours indoors, I had to do a double take when I saw the weather report say the high for Friday was 88 degrees. Oh, it was wonderful, a cool down! The temperature was over25 degrees cooler for our morning run, I felt "chilly"!

So with this great break in the heat we decided to make the most of it. We jumped back on our bikes and made the longest trip we'd ever done yet. We rode from our house (Douglas & Hillside) to my parents house (Central & 119th). It was long and man, we felt God the whole way! The wind seemed to change so that each way we were riding into it! While we "felt" God I thought I was seeing him appear. Kenton typically rides infront and as we progressed this shape starts to form on his back. I didn't alert the press, because they only seem to care when someone sweats the shape of the virgin mary. I thought it looked very Christ like, what do you think?

Maybe you don't see it, but I thought it was funny. It looked like Jesus on the cross, or an angel or a worshipper. Whatever it was, we were definitely being watched over as we rode. Kenton hit a patch of sand and I watched him skid and slide and I expected trauma to take place, but He got up from this crash un-injured. Not even a scratch! Judah was actually alsleep and woke up saying, "Daddy, What you do?"

I don't know why he was having so much trouble, I just fly along and never have any problems!

(oh, yeah... except for when I'm lugging the extra 40 plus pounds that is Judah and his trailer, up hill!)

While the ride left us un-marred, Kenton was not lucky enough to avoid getting some sort of reminder.

As he says, He's melaninly challenged!

Lot's of fun.... anyone want to start a biker gang? We could go show off to all the ten year olds by popping wheelies, like Kenton does!



  1. symphonix32:36 PM CDT

    I do have to say I like the shades. As for the farmer's tan, I plead the 5th.

  2. I am happy to see you do have some of your normal color coming back Kenton.

  3. The sweat on Kentons back looks like angel wings to me. By the way you guys are flippin crazy!! If you ever get the urge again, we only live at Douglas and west!